Down on Jody's farm

You are more likely to find Jody Scheckter on a tractor these days than on the glamorous F1 circuit – and the tractor will be fuelled by his own-grown rapeseed oil. Jody now owns and runs the award-winning Laverstoke Park Farm. Recently I was joined by five Motor Sport competition winners for a day out and guided tour with Jody on the 2500-acre estate, where he keeps 2000 water buffalo and runs his own vineyard, dairy, woodlands, education centre and on-site laboratory to test the land’s soil quality, as Jody believes this is the basis of all healthy food.

One of the highlights of our visit was to see Jody’s racing car collection spanning the start of his career to the Ferrari which brought him the F1 world title in 1979. We also had the pleasure of tasting his delicious buffalo steaks, ice creams and pies! I’d recommend visiting the farm for his BBQ championship event on July 3-4, which is for all the family. For details call +44 (0)1256 772807 or visit