Carroll Shelby the Authorized biography

by Rinsey Mills

This biography landed in the Motor Sport office a matter of days before Shelby passed away, aged 89.

The work is described as “a lasting tribute to one of the great automotive figures of the 20th Century” and that it certainly will be after the sad news of his death. It covers his whole life and career – including his Army Air Force service during the war and his travelling away from the world of motor racing – and with such a large input from the man himself it makes for fascinating reading.

What many will remember him for is that 1959 Le Mans win sharing an Aston Martin DBR1 with Roy Salvadori, but there was so much more to his life.

Making Shelby specials for Ford and Dodge, the creation of the Cobra, eight Grands Prix in a Maserati 250F and the Aston Martin DBR4/250… it’s all covered in this 500-page book. Whether you have followed Carroll Shelby’s career or not, this is a must-buy for any motor racing fan. EF

Published by Haynes Publishing, ISBN 978 1 84425 324 1, £25