Motorfilms Quarterly

Volume Twenty Seven
Compiled and introduced by Doug Nye and David Weguelin

This latest offering from Motorfilms Quarterly includes a conversation with BMC Competitions Manager Marcus Chambers, a look back at the 1974 British Touring Car Championship, the 1960 Sebring 12 Hours and finally the 1955 Isle of Man TT.

After visiting the Isle of Man in 2011 to watch the TT live for the first time, I found the footage from 1955 fascinating. There’s something about ’50s Nortons, Moto Guzzis and Gileras.

The sight and sound of them hammering through corners such as Kate’s Cottage makes for some great viewing. The 1960s Sebring ilm is preceded by a very brief history of the automobile and racing in America. Also, a short introduction from Doug Nye about the differences before and after the footage has been cleaned and digitally improved reminds us of the work that goes into these DVDs. EF, £19.99