Sytner return ends on podium

A year after the heart attack that nearly claimed his life, Frank Sytner made an emotional return to racing during the Donington Historic Festival.

In last year's race Sytner crashed his Lola T70 Mk3B after his heart stopped beating. A year on, after stringent medical tests, he returned in the same car and scored a podium finish with co-driver Simon Hadfield. "I'm pretty happy with that," said Sytner. "When the doctor got to me after the accident last year, my heart had stopped. The doctor saved my life."

At the same event, FIA GT1 racer Frank Stippler raced at Donington Park for the first time, and shared several cars including the Alfa Romeo Giulia of Alex Furiani.

"I started my racing career with a historic Alfa Romeo when I was 18. I spent three years restoring it and then raced it," said Stippler. "It is always nice to come back to the historic cars."