You were there: 1987 British Grand Prix

As Goodyear’s technical director, Peter Bradbury arrived early at Silverstone for the 1987 Grand Prix “to help the Stringfellow F3 team settle in, and somehow we overstayed our tickets…” But he adds, “Access to pits and paddock was helped by Clay Regazzoni who was only too pleased to let me push him from place to place.”

Lotus of Ayrton Senna at the 1987 British Grand Prix

Taking advantage of an empty cockpit to inspect Ayrton Senna’s Lotus- Honda 99T from close up

Benetton of Thierry Boutsen at the 1987 British Grand Prix

Thierry Boutsen’s V6 Benetton B187

Scott Stringfellow in 1987 F3 race at Silverstone

Scott Stringfellow, son of nightclub owner Peter, in the F3 race (note Hippodrome sponsor)

Bette Hill in charity run at Silverstone ahead of the 1987 British GP

A regular charities supporter, Bette Hill (right) took part in the charity running event around the track, as did son Damon before stepping into his Ralt for a rather faster F3 race

Frank Williams in charity run ahead of the 1987 British Grand Prix at Silverstone

Sir Frank Williams was happy to join in the charity activities

Tyrrell being weighed at Silverstone ahead of the 1987 British Grand Prix

Checking corner weights on one of Tyrrell’s DG016 machines resting on its slave wheels

Nelson Piquet in Williams at the 1987 British Grand Prix

Fastest in qualifying, Nelson Piquet led much of the race for Williams until Mansell’s spectacular last-gasp charge deprived him of the laurels

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1987 British Grand Prix

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