Trackside view: July 2022

From racing around pre-Roman ruins in Imola to fake marinas in Miami, Formula 1 showed its modern and historic faces. And Verstappen showed he can rule both

Sparks fly through the spray from the Red Bull of Sergio Perez

Getty Images

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Race report

F1’s contrast: from the historic, yet muddy, Imola to the polished show of Miami

Word on the beat

Stroll not selling… yet, Piastri attracting attention and Mercedes may go backwards

Tactical analysis

Does the safety car hate Lewis Hamilton? Or is George Russell just getting lucky?

News in brief

Invisible Ocon, Alonso’s wrong points, Andretti’s return and that Brundle grid walk

Tech insight

How Mercedes is trying to develop its way out of its current porpoising problem

Johnny Herbert

The problem of Formula 1’s surfaces: why grand prix circuits shouldn’t be perfect