2022 Alpine A110 GT review — Allez maintenant!

Few 10/10 moments come our way – but the Alpine A110 GT is one such car

Alpine A110 GT

Maximum marks for the A110 GT – and those 1960s-derived looks make it a real head-turner

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After four years proving that critical acclaim is no guarantee of commercial success, the rapturously received but still slow-selling Alpine A110 has had its mid-life facelift. Not that you’d notice: if you can spot any material differences between the first and this second generation model, your eyesight is better than mine.

There are three new models starting with the standard A110 and culminating the most expensive S version. We’ll focus here on the A110 GT, which combines the optimal suspension set up of the standard A110 with the high output motor of the A110S, a combination only possible in the past by those who bought the run-out Légende GT special edition of which just 26 came to the UK. And it’s now got a bit more power too, though we won’t dwell on an additional 8bhp. All the cars get an upgraded infotainment system too.

The A110 has stiff competition from the Audi TT and Porsche Cayman and more to come from Lotus’ Emira. But the original A110 was a 10 out of 10 car and this version is another.

There is still nothing else like it out there, and the extra power allows you to exploit even further its fabulously supple and agile chassis. I know someone who has one of the 26 Légende GTs and it lives as one of the more affordable members of a large and diverse collection. Yet it is the one that gets used the most. Having driven the new GT, I can see why.


Alpine A110 GT specifications

• Price £59,355
• Engine 1.8-litre engine, petrol, turbocharged
• Power 296bhp
• Torque 251lb ft
• Weight 1119kg
• Power to weight 265bhp per tonne
• Transmission Seven-speed, rear-wheel drive
• 0-60mph 4.2sec
• Top speed 155mph
• Economy 42.2mpg
• Verdict Prepare to be amazed – again.