1960s at Motor Sport magazine

Motor Sport Magazine

Motor Sport hits its zenith in terms of copy sales during the Swinging Sixties, as the magazine, under Wesley J Tee’s gimlet eye, thrives (perhaps despite itself). It is during this decade the Old Man’s son, Michael Tee, establishes a photographic agency to augment the Tee empire: LAT – London Art Technical, the name of which is lifted from a defunct company Teesdale has recently acquired. Meanwhile, Bod and Jenks remain the magazine’s driving force. When Michael Cotton becomes assistant editor in 1966, WB informs him: “Your job is to produce the magazine, but you are not expected to write anything; we do that.” The odd eyelid cover graphics are dropped in 1961 (1), when the main image turns from b&w to colour (2). Although as the November 1960 cover shows (3) not for the first time following the annual full-bleed treatment, an experiment pushed by Michael Tee.