1970s at Motor Sport magazine

1970s covers

It’s the painful hangover decade. But amid political and economic uncertainty – and increasingly lairy fashions – Motor Sport and its signature cover stripes (1) offer sober continuity and the comfort that not everything has to change. Still eschewing the hard sell, the magazine’s cover keeps to a simple winning formula. Hans Stuck’s BMW CSL taking flight at the ’Ring (July 1974) (2) remains steadfast among our greatest hits, while Bob Evans and Peter Gethin lighting up their Formula 5000 rears at Brands (December 1974) (3) is an unsung classic. On the other hand, WB’s penchant for wintertime Veteran Car Run covers (4) is a reminder how the publishing phrase “Yes, but will it sell?” has no relevance within Standard House. Still, this is a commercially vibrant magazine as prog gives way to punk: more than 25 pages of ads before you even make it to Matters of Moment. And just check out those strides (5). Oh, and don’t forget, kids: fags are cool (6).

Motor Sport Magazine October-1975

(1) October 1975

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