1950s at Motor Sport magazine

Motor sport Magazine 1950s

Into its fourth decade, Motor Sport enters its classic period, once Denis Jenkinson joined as WB’s roving eyes and ears. Our continental correspondent’s standout contribution is, of course, his from-the-cockpit account of the 1955 Mille Miglia (1). On the cover, Ferodo brakes hold a monopoly, the only difference month to month being a change in colour of the generic GP car in its ad (2). Yes – an advert on the cover, every month. The TV screen graphic of 1951 and ’52 (3) highlights the period fascination with that newfangled luxury, before the ‘eyelid’ and stripes (4), a way of using landscape shots on an upright page. A shame we don’t stick with the simple full-bleed colour photo experiment tried every November (5). Owner Wesley J Tee is dismissive of the concept.