Le Mans Prospects.

Le Mans Prospects. and 19th of this month will

THE 18th and 19th of this month will see once more the Grand Prix d'Endurance on the famous circuit de la Sarthe. The course is now slightly altered from last year. In future the circuit will have a length of 13.486 kilometres.

Thirty-one cars are entered for the race, one of the most interesting last minute entries being the 4i-litre Bentley to be driven by Mary and Trevoux. It has been prepared by Jean Chassagne.

Six of the cars are running in the final of the Rudge-Whitworth Biennial Cup, including • Earl Howe and Sir Henry Birkin, who won the Grand Prix d'Endurance last year on an Alfa. The entries are as follows :

1. M. Henry Stoffel (7,100 c.c. MercedesBenz).

2. Prince Djordjadze (7,100 c.c. Mercedes-Benz).

3. M. de Tatarinoff (7,100 c.c. Mercedes-Benz).

4. M. E. H. Brisson (5,355 c.c. Stutz).

5. M. Guy Bouriat (4,900 c.c. Bugatti).

6. M. J. Trevoux (4,398 c.c. Bentley).

7. M. Le Bas (3.282 c.c. Ford).

8. A. W. Fox (2,970 c.c. Talbot).

9. R. I. Nicholl (2,970 c.c. Talbot).

10. Lord Howe (2,337 c.c. AlfaRomeo).

11. Soc. Anon. Alfa-R,omeo (2,337 c.c. Alfa-Romeo).

12. SOC. Anon. Alfa-Romeo (2,337 c.c. Alfa Romeo).

13. M. Sommer (2,337 c.c. AlfaRomeo).

14. M. Heide (2,337 c.c. Alfa-Romeo).

15. Count Czaykowski (2,300 c.c. Bugatti).

16. Mme. Siko (1,750 c.c. Alfa-Romeo).

17. Aston-Martin, Ltd. (1,500 c.c. Aston-Martin).

18. Aston-Martin, Ltd. (1,500 c.c. Aston-Martin).

19. Aston-Martin, Ltd. (1,500 c.c. Aston-Martin).

20. M. Druck (1,500 c.c. Bugatti).

21. M. Sebilleau (1,500 c.c. Bugatti).

22. M. Jean Danne (1,360 c.c. Rally).

23. M. J. E. Vernet (1,096 c.c. Salmson).

24. M. Labric (1,096 c.c. Caban).

25. M. C. A, Martin (1,092 c.c. Amilcar).

26. M. Ludovic Ford (1,074 c.c. Alta).

27. M. A. de Choqueus (750 c.c. G. A. R.) .

28. Hon. Mrs. Chetwyud (746 c.c. M.G.).

29. F. H. B. Samuelson (746 c.c. M.G.).

30. M. Labric (-).

31. M. Sommer (-).

Final of the 8th Biennial Cup. 3. M. de Tatarinoff (7,100 c.c. Mer


8. A. W. Fox (2,970 c.c. Talbot). 10, Lord Howe (2,337 c.c. Alfa-Romeo)

17. Aston-Martin, Ltd. (1,500 c.c.

Aston Martin).

24. M. Labric (1,096 c.c. Caban). 30. M. Labric

German Grand Prix Entries.

Among British entries in the German Grand Prix to be held at the Nurberg Ring are two supercharged Frazer-Nashes to be driven by H. J. Aldington and A. P. F. Pane, who last year performed so well at Brooklands on a supercharged Salmson, and who has now got one of the latest Frazer-Nashs. His car is the first of the present type O.H.V. cars to have a blower, and the whole engine is specially modified for this. The Powerplus supercharger is chain driven from the front of the crankcase and mounted alongside the cylinder block, giving a very short induction pipe. The car was entered for the Whitsun meeting, but as it was not run in, he wisely refrained from running it. Aldington's car will be of the same type. Both drivers are afterwards running in the Alpine Trial, an event for which a Frazer-Nash should be particularly suitable owing to its high power.. weight ratio and extreme handiness on twisty roads.