Chateau Thierry Hill-Climb.



Chateau Thierry Hill-Climb.

The unusual course is followed in the Chateau Thierry hill-climb of making competitors pull up dead on the finishing line. This year best time was made by Guy Bouriat on a 2.3 litre Bugatti who covered the kilometre course in 344/5 secs. third, Girod (Salm:mon 1,100 c.c.) 37 4/5 secs. ; and fourth, Speed (Bugatti 1,500 c.c.), 39 2/5 secs.

Caracciola’s Progress. Rudolf met with an

Rudolf Caraceiola, who met with an accident in practising for the Monaco G. P., has been removed to a hospital at Bologna, in Italy, where he can be under the care of a specialist who is a close friend of Nuvolari. Caracciola’s injuries, while severe, are healing rapidly, and it is hoped that the German ace will be on his feet again, fully recovered, in three months time.

In Memorium.

The monument to Carl Benz was unveiled recently at Mannheim with all the ceremony clue to the memory of a very famous motoring pioneer. The

German Minister of Transport attended on behalf of President von Hindenburg, and the ceremony was concluded by a procession of veteran cars.

Now comes the news that a monument has been raised to the memory of Andre Boillot, who was killed last year while practising for the Ars Hill Climb. The Boillot monument will be formally unveiled on June 18th, after which the hillclimb will be held.

Raymond Sommer. to

The Sommer-Zehender team, formed to run 3 litre Maserati monoposto cars, has been dissolved. Sommer has ordered a new 2.3 litre Alfa Romeo, the car he raced so successfully last year, and will take delivery very shortly.

The Alpines Hill-Climb.

Marcel Lehoux (Bugatti) made fastest time at the Alpilles Hill-Climb, Provence, on May 14th, beating the record for the course held by Decaroli. Good performances were also made by Trintignant (Bugatti) and Braillard (Bugatti), both of whom beat the old record.

The Luckendorf Hill-Climb. Louis Chiron was the favourite for the

Louis was Luckendorf Hill-Climb, near Berlin, which was held on May 15th. Unluckily mechanical trouble prevented him from taking part, and another non-starter was Stuber, who was slightly injured when a brake seized on his Bugatti in practice. Finally it was left to Pietsc.h (Alfa Romeo) to make fastest time over the 5 kilometre course in 2m. 43s. Steinweg (Bugatti) was second. Kohlrausch (Austin) won the 750 c.c. class.

The Fontainebleau Hill-Climb. his kilometre record at

Following up his kilometre record at Montlhery, ” Trebuh ” (Bugatti), made fastest time of the day at the Fontainebeau hill-climb. The hill measures 2 miles, and is set in the heart of the famous forest.

Searon Again.

An excellent performance was put up at La Valette hill-climb by Scaron (Amilcar 1,100 c.c.), who beat J. Gaupillat’s 2.3 litre double camshaft Bugatti in making fastest time of the day.