CHALFONT ST. PETER was again the venue for the Bugatti Owners' Club Hill Climb, but the course was slightly altered, a hairpin consisting of two connecting roads being inserted in the main part of the gradient. This and the loose gravelly surface reduced the speed of the faster cars considerably, and vehicles of long wheel-base could scarcely negotiate the hair-pin bend at all.

Of the smaller cars, the Andre V6 put up a good performance, its short wheelbase favouring it on the corner. Bachelier's V8 Ford favoured by its spongy tyres and high power-weight ratio was also good.

Alan Hess (M.G. Midget) was the first of the many drivers who mounted the bank on the hair-pin bend. E. King (J.3 Midget) looked slow but his time proved otherwise. The same applied to Bachelier on a 2.3 Bugatti, while other drivers tended to put their foot down and run into the bank, or spun their wheels to no purpose on the loose surface. The Gleggs turned out on Dorcas I,

a very stripped chassis with an Austin 7 engine. The first run was unsuccessful, but driven by Gordon L. Glegg, it took the bend at the bottom of the hill so fast that it turned right round and shot off the course, luckily without hitting any spectators.

J. L. Burton on a 4 litre car fitted with twin rear wheels was very fierce everywhere on his first run, mounting the bank and scattering stones in all directions, but greatly improved on his second attempt. Davis's straight-eight Delage, now at last running properly, was handicapped by the loose surface and only made one run, sliding all over the road.

Noel Carr, who usually makes a star performance in Bugatti events did a lot of skating on his first ascent, and finally stalled his engine when faced with the hair-pin. He was more careful on his second run, and restraining the tremendous power of his car equalled Bachelier's record time of 36 seconds.


Touring Cars, 1,100 c.c.-1,500 c.c.

1. R. C. Porter (Andre V6 726 c.c.), 38 sec.

2. L. G. Bachelier (Bugatti, 1,496 c.c.), 39 sec.

3. R. C. Porter (Riley 1,089 c.c.), 40 sec. Touring Cars, 1,500 c.c., Unlimited.

1. L. G. Bachelier (Ford 3,622 c.c.), 39 sec.

2. J. S. Steele (Ford 3,622 c.c.), 40 sec. K. W. Bear (Bugatti 2,996 c.c.). J. S. Steele (Bugatti 1,955 c.c.). Sports Oars up to 850 c.c.

1. E. King (M.G. Midget (S) 847 c.c.), 38 sec.

2. R. C. Porter (Andre V6 726 c.c.), 40.5 sec. 3. C. J. Fryer (M.G. Midget 847 c.c.), 42 sec. Sports Cars 1,100-1,500 c.c. I. J. G. Crowther (Wolseley Hornet 1,271 c.c.),

40 sec.

R. C. Porter (Riley 1,089 c.c.). 3. R. R. Jackson (M.G. Magnette (S) 1,087 c.c.),

41 sec.

Sports Cars, 1,500 c.c.-2,500 c.c.

I. L. G. Bachelier (Bugatti (S) 2,261 c.c.), 36 sec.

2. K. W. Bear (Bugatti (5) 2,261 c.c.) 38.5 sec.

3. J. R. Jeff ress (Alfa Romeo (5) 2,336 c.c.), 39 sec. Racing Cars up to 1,500 c.c. 15. L. Burton (Bugatti (S) 1,496 c.c.), 37 sec.

2. T. P. Cholmondeley-Tapper (Bugatti 1,496 c.c.), 38 sec.

3. R. R. Jackson (M.G. Magnette (S) 1,087 c.c.), 39 sec.

R. M. Walters (Riley 1,089 c.c.).

Racing Cars over 1,600 c.c.

1. N oel Carr (Bugatti (S) 1,990 c.c.), 36 sec.

2. Essou-Scott (Bugatti 1,955 c.c.), 37 sec.

3. H. L. Moscardi (Bugatti 1,955 c.c.), 41 sec.