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193-1 4i-litre 100 m.p.h. INVICTA special drop-1head coupe by Lancefield, finished black and red, two spare wheels, just overhauled, excellent condition throughout and carries six months’ guarantee, original price £1,150, now £600. See next column.

93 😉 12 h.p. INVICTA open 4-seater, colour 4J black, blue leather upholstery, recently completely overhauled and brought up to 1933 specification, six months’ guarantee, 4325. See below.


ALEA-ROMEO 1 i-litre 6-cylinder 4-door saloon, recently thoroughly overhauled and in faultless condition, taxed, £195. Apply Box 27, c/o MOTOR SPORT.

1928 1i-litre ALFA-ROMEO drop-head coupe by Young of Bromley, nice condition. Apply Box 28, C/O MOTOR SPORT.

SOm.p.h. 1929 ALFA ROMEO li-litre 2-seater sports. 6 cylinder engine with twin overhead camshaft. In perfect condition mechanically. Owner going abroad. Will take £450. No dealers.— Box Q 102, MOTOR SPORT.


MR. W. E. HUMPHREYS offers his Special Handbuilt 1,100 c.c. Racing Amilear, supercharged, 6-cyl. twin o.h. camshaft engine, special cylinder head, pistons, camshafts, etc., special chromium plated chassis and fittings, 2-seater body, 6,400 r.p.m., genuine maximum speed 118 m.p.h., cast over £1,000 to build, open to any expert examination ; £395.—W. E. Humphreys, 122, Hampstead Road, N.W.I. Phone Museum 9515.


A RAB.-80 m.p.h., 12 h.p. 2 str., just overhauled, new battery, coil, starter, bearings, 4-speed. F.W.B.relined, taxed, seen London, 228.—Owen, Hungershall Park, Tunbridge Wells. FRAZER NASH

FRAZER NASH Cars, Falcon Works, London Road, Isleworth (Hounslow 3172 have for disposal a number of reconditioned cars.—Full particulars on application.



1.932 ‘2 INVICTA saloon, colour blue and black, brown leather upholstery, firstclass condition throughout, £325.

rrHE INVICTA CARS (SALES) CO.’ 11, Albemarle St., London, W.1. ‘Phone, Regent 2608.

LAGONDA. DOBSONS, of Staines, for LAGONDA cars.eed 1_932tourer,AG O LAGONDA c20snu Eel recvhearrygewda ysp

tax, over 90 m.p.h., cost nearly £800, remarkable value, £390.

DOBSONS, LTD., LAGONDA Distributors, 1J Staines. ‘Phone 801.

1930 Lagonda 3-litre Fabric Saloon, finished in brown, with leather upholstery, reconditioned throughout, in excellent order and very fast. £350. Apply, Box 351, c/o MOTOR SPORT.


£90 Double Twelve M.G. Midget, actual race car, 1930, excellent condition, very fast. Bargain.—B orden, 35, Laurie Grove, New Cross, S.E.14.

USED SPORTS CARS FOR SALE (continued). M.G. MIDGET—continued

V.o.C.H. Ltd., 1933, 3.2, 8 h.p., sports 2-seater, u blue, one owner, 4,000 miles only, practically brand-new condition. Taxed. 155 gns. 3/5, Heath street, N.W.3. Hampstead 2215/6. Open Sunday looming’s.


” QENECHAL,” 9 h.p. 2 seater sports, recently )•-7 rebored and generally overhauled. £25, on view at The Corner Garage, St. Johns, Nr. Woking, Surrey.


SUNBEAM 3-litre Sports Weyrnan Saloon, 1928, one owner only, chauffeur driven. Mileage 25,000. Cost price £1,250. Thorough engine overhaul to the extent of £75 just completed. New special pistons. Specially finished bearings, crankshaft and camshaft reground. All parts showing slightest -:ign of wear renewed. Since run 800 miles. ‘This car is in new condition and appearance and in superb mechanical order and must still be run in carefully. For sale at £165.—Middlesex Motors, Station Road, harrow.

1OR SALE. Motor Boat. Length overall lilft„ Sins. Beam Sit. Clinker built, copper fastened. ” Buffolo ” Marine Engine, about 6 h.p., Boesch Magneto. B. & B. carburetter. Cabin about Sit. in length, side lockers, removable table, cabin stove (coal), cooking utensils, tarpaulin, etc.—£50. Now lying at Swale Bridge Halt, near Sitti ngbourne, Kent. Box H.M. 450, C/O MOTOR SPORT.

Apply Box H.M. 450, C/O MOTOR SPORT.

Mb. Museum: 4793 S. LEWIS imm Museum: OF 4793 Racing, Flying & Motor Clothing Fame 27 Carburton St., LONDON, W.1 White Racing Suits, DestQuality,ZipFastener 27/6 and 25/ Racing Suits, ditto, in Blue, Brown, Tan and Black 27/6 Ditto, Unbleached, Zip front 21/ Ditto, Button Front . 15/Racing Shirts, Rayon Art Silk, fitted Zip, all Colours, Sleeves Ditto, Button front 8/0 White Racing Trousers, Zip front, all round Belt … ••. ••• 16/6 Ditto, Button front … 14/ Racing Visors, to wear with Crash Helmet, our own special design … 7/6 Racing Visors, Small Pattern, Green Top for sun glare .. 7/6 and 8/6 Racing Body Belts, all sizes waist … 9/Sponge Rubber, lin. Thick,.. 3/4 sq. ft. Lewis’s New High Speed Geeing Goggle, ad

justable bridge, large rubber eye cups. adjustable air slide, fitted safety lenses 30/pair Meyrowits Racing Goggles, N o. 10 … 50/pair Ditto, Curved Lenses, No. 6 … 77/0 pair Ditto, Small Flat Lenses, No. 4 … 40/pair Lewis’s Racing Goggles, Curved Celluloid Lenses, small rubber cups. Very efficient 7/6 pair Oar Crash Helmets, with Peak, Super Quality White (or coloured), leather covered … 42/ Ditto, ordinary pattern … 32/ White Drill Racing Helmets. Perfect fitting pattern ‘ Cheap Pattern, unbleached … 3/6 Racing Gloves, Net Back, Leather Palm 8/6 pair Goggles, Unsplinterable „ with Triplex Lenses … 7/6 „ Triplex A.3 … 10/6 … 12/

We make Ladies Racing Suits, and Gents in any colour, at special prices. Also Club Badges and Monograms, etc. .*. BUY DIRECT. Actual Manufacturers