Such is the brief inscription on a leaflet which every owner of a sports car would do well to peruse. In its pages will be found the story of an enterprise which must have been the dream of many enthusiasts. It tells of how four men, all engineers with racing and competitions experience combined to put their ideals of the perfect garage into execution. The result is the Cresta Motor Co., Ltd., whose premises at Broadwater Road, Worthing, are being visited by an everincreasing number of sports-car motorists. No garage has a more convenient layout. The workshop, pit, washdown, Tecalemit greasing plant, battery service department, offices, showroom and filling station are all ‘housed in neat and modern 1-uildings, in such a way that congestion is

avoided and all work can be carried out with the minimum of delay.

The plant and tools in the workshop will be of particular interest to those engaged in competitions, for they include special machines capable of dealing rapidly with the very accurate work so necessary when a car is being prepared for racing and trials. In this respect the ‘experience of the Directors (all of whom take an active part in the organisation) in motor sport generally will be found to be extremely useful, arid is at the disposal of clients. Incidentally all repair and maintenance receives the personal attention of the Managing Director, and can be depended upon in quality and thoroughness. Instead of taking up agencies for various makes in a haphazard way, the Directors of the Cresta Motor Co., Ltd., have

carefully chosen the cars in each category which most closely conform to their ideals.

For the prospective motorist the beautifully decorated and furnished showrooms will enable him to examine the various cars displayed in complete comfort and leisure, and a wide range of models is always on view. It has been the aim of the Directors to cater for all tastes and pockets, and they claim to be able to fill the requirements of all types of motorists. In conclusion, the directors of the Cresta Motor Co., Ltd., being enthusiasts at heart, welcome the opportunity to show similarly-minded motorists round their

premises. As an example of perfect layout and attention to detail it would be hard to beat.

As you have no doubt guessed, their phone number is Worthing 2585.