That unassuming and retiring young man, Richard Nash, who spends most of his time amongst his collection of antique motor cars at Brooklands, on Saturday, May 9th, broke the course record at Lewes before a big crowd, under pleasant weather conditions. For some years Nash held the record, in 20 secs. dead, with the Frazer-Nash “Terror.” Then in 1935 Richard had to concede pride of place to John Bolster, who recorded 19.8 secs. Later in the season S. E. Cummings went up the i-mile, tarmac-surfaced coarse in 19.40 secs. On May 9th, Cummings, driving the same 3-litre Vauxhall-Villiers, got down to 19.25 secs., but Nash handled his double Centric-blown, 11-litre FrazerNash-Union Special with his old fire, and established a new record of 19.06 secs. John Bolster managed 20.24 secs. with the inimitable “Mary Tudor,” and J. Lemon Burton’s double-camshaft 2.3litre Bugatti made one run only and

clocked 20.74 secs. Credit for third fastest time of the day went to another Nash production, the Anzani-Nash “Spook,” which recorded 19.74 secs. on its last run, in spite of its driver, G. S. Griffiths having difficulty in getting away from the line. Miss Barbara Skinner did very well on her first run, the blown Morris Minor

recording 22.78 secs. R. M. Strang’s Hudson won the unlimited touring class in 26.15 secs., beating Donald Mouro’s 41-litre Invicta quite easily.

Ivo Peters then produced the best Frazer-Nash in a class for this “marque” when he clocked 28.9 secs. Mrs. Majorie Lewis being second and Inderwick third. In the class for super-sports cars up -to 1,100 c.c., J. C. Elwes (M.G.) was a good deal quicker than his closest rival, A. Rogers (M.G.) The next class was won by Ivo Peters’ Frazer-Nash, with Inderwick’s motor of the same marque second and Stafford’s Magnette third. Peters also took the class for 2,000 c.c. standard sports cars,

improving on his time. Fitt’s 2-litre Frazer-Nash-B.M.W. was second, and Alan Whiddington’s Frazer-Nash Six third. So to the super-sports category, the first-class being Elwes’ affair, his Midget recording the creditable time of 23.7 secs. F. R. G. Spikins brought out his special 4.1-litre Hudson in the next division and won comfortably with a trip up the hill

that only took 22.2 secs. Elwes was second, slower than his previous effort. Then the racing cars were brought out of the “Paddock,” and the crowd felt glad it had come. Spikins won the first class with his Midget Singer 9 “The Bantam” with a really useful drive lasting

21.89 secs. Elwes was next best (22.3 secs.) and Maclachlan’s Austin 7 was third with a time of 22.4 secs.

The 1/-litre class went to G. S. Griffiths, the ” Spook ” showing its old form once again, though it lost time at the getaway, nevertheless recording 21.2 secs. R. King Clark (J4 M.G.) was second, and third place went to Dick Nash. John Bolster made one of his grim and glorious ascents in ” Mary ” to win the 2-litre category, beating Griffiths by .04 secs., Spikins getting another” third.” The class for the big fellows saw Nash make his record rim in the businesslike Frazer-Nash-Union Special, S. E. Cummings on the Vauxhall-Villiers being second and Griffiths next in order, A handicap class let R. A. Cookson’s Bugatti into the picture, with Nash second and C. Windsor-Richards third. So ended a very enjoyable afternoon’s sport and the large crowd of spectators will undoubtedly make an effort to “spectate” again at the next meeting on June

13th. That Nash regained his record seemed to please everyone, and those who take more interest in the more exciting cars present than in fast times, had their fill, R. A. Waddy’s 1-litre Fuzzi 9, G. B. C. Sumner’s 998 c.c. Sumner J.A.P., N. B. Orlebar’s 1,098 c.c. G.N., Cyril Moore’s 1,093 c.c. Satan III, H. D. Carlinask’s 996 c.c. G.N. J.A.P., T. B. O’Reilly’s skeleton G.N., Mrs. Holdsworth’s Holdsworth-Special, G. H. Symond’s ex-Davenport B.H.D. Special and Bolster’s famous sprint car being representative of the more special motors. Incidentally, the runs were timed with the now well-known Bachelier timing apparatus, and so successful did this prove to be, that the club proposes to invest in this instrument for future events. Lewes has become a classic venue and merits accurate timing. Prizes, as usual, were plentiful The class winners were :

Touring cars, Unlimited : R. M. Strang (Hudson) 26.15s.

Frazer-Nash Class : Ivo Peters, 28.90s.

Super-Sports, 1,100 0.0. : J. C. Elwes (M.G.), 24.20s.

Standard Sports, 1,500 c.c.: Ivo Peters (}’razor. Nash), 28.10s. Standard Sports, 2,000 c.c. : Ivo Peters (FrazerNash),

Super-Sports 1,500 c.c.: S. C. Elwes 23.70s. Super-Sports Unlimited :IF. 11,0, Spikins (Hudson), 22.20s.

Racing Cars, 1,100 c.c. : F. R. G. Spikins (Singer Bantam), 21.89s.

Racing Cars, 1,500 c.c. : G. S. Griffiths (AnzaniNash)) 21.20s.

Racing Cars, 2,000 c.c. : J. V. Bolster (Bolster Special), 20.24s.

Racing Cars, Unlimited: It. G. J. Nash (FrazerNash-Union Special), 19.068.

Handicap Class : It. A. Cookson (Bugatti) net. 17.40s.

Solomons Cup and Souvenir : R. G. J. Nash. Carl Cup and Souvenir : F. It. G. Spikins. Silver Cup : G. S. Griffiths.

Course Record: R. G. J. Nash (Frazer-NashUnion Special) 19.06,45.