THE LEIDART 8, A NEW CAR WITH OUTSTANDING ACCELERATION AND A STATED SPEED OF 100 M.P.H. The V-8 Ford has acquired a reputation possessed by few standard cars for power and acceleration, and the performance put up both by the standard model and the lowered sports version derived from it in trials and hill-climbs has been encouraging. The Leidart 8, a new sports car produced by Messrs. Leith, Huddart & Co., of Pontefract, Yorks, breaks entirely new ground and embodies -ilk, V-8 engine and gear-box in a chassis which in springing at least follows the lead of Monsieur Bugatti, a combination which should make for acceleration and stability. The car is low and sporting in appearance, but in spite of this a ground clearance of 6 inches is provided

at the lowest point. A speed of 100 m.p.h. is claimed, and should be possible with proper tuning. The specification Of the car is as follows :-Heavy section frame, slightly upswept at the rear, suitably strengthened by stiff cross members, engine, Ford V-8, carefully balanced and tuned, fitted with Scintilla Vertex magneto, dual carburetters, and mounted rigidly in the frame. Ford gear-box, fitted with

remote control. Axle ratio at present is 4 to 1, but 3.6 to 1 ratios also available. Rudge triple spoked wheels, fitted with India Super 5.25 x 18 tyres, two spare wheels. Electric petrol pump. General equipment includes Scintilla electrical equipment. The brakes are of cable and rod operation, but Lockheed hydraulic brakes may be fitted to future cars. Sprinting is reversed quarter elliptic at rear and half elliptic fronts, assisted by Hartford triple type shock-absorbers. An open propeller shaft is used in conjunction with

a torque stay to the gear-box cross member.

The wheelbase of the 2-seater is 8 ft. 5 in., but, for the 4-seater and the sports saloon, a wheelbase of 9 ft. will be used. Two separate exhaust systems are used, incorporating Burgess silencers. A spring steering wheel is fitted, and high-geared steering is used. The total weight of

the car is 19 cwt. 2 qr. The prices are as follows : 2-seater from L400, according to requirements. 4

seater b425. Drop-head Coupe £550.

Sports saloon E,575.