We are writing to inform you that we have considered it advisable, in the interests of our numerous customers, to separate entirely the racing department from the ordinary Repair and Service Station.

In order to effect this, we have formed a subsidiary Company ‘mown as Bellevue Garage (Racing) Ltd., which will carry on, as from May 1st this year, the racing and special tuning side of the business exclusively at the tuning shops near-by, known as Nos. 4 and 6 Althorp Road. The registered offices of the new company are the same as this company, viz., 18 and 19 Bellevue Road, S.W.17 and in addition to two directors who are now directors of this Company, Mr. W. E. Wilkinson has been appointed director and also general manager.

The racing workshop has been enlarged and is equipped with modern machinery including a test bench so that every kind of work can be dealt with to the best advantage. The whole of the work will be under the superintendence of Mr. Wilkinson who is well known both as a racing driver and as an expert engineer. His long experience in the preparation and tuning of racing-cars has rendered him an expert of outstanding ability in this connection.

We venture to hope that the new arrangement which we have made will be to the advantage of our customers both racing and otherwise.

We would like to take this opportunity of thanking our customers for past favours and trust that we may have the pleasure of looking forward to their continued support. We are, Yours etc., p.p. Bellevue Garage & Service Stations Ltd., DENTS G. EVANS, Director and Manager. 18 & 19, Bellevue Road,

Wandsworth Common, S.W. f 7.