The J.C.C. International Trophy Race

In the past the J.C.C. has given us excellent races in such variety that it comes as no surprise to learn that another new course will be used for this year's International Trophy Race, scheduled to take place at Brooklands on August bank-holiday, August 2nd. As before, this will be a scratch race, handicapped only by means of the "

Dyer" channels, of which there will be three this year, at the Pork. The Campbell road course will be used, cars turning right on the Members banking to negotiate the Fork channels and then re-entering the road course by turning righthanded down into the finishing straight and round a left-hand hairpin near the Pork back onto the road-section, the longest circuit ever used at Brooklands. This should make a very strenuous race, though things would have been even more severe if the whole of the Campbell Trophy course had been used, lapped in the clockwise direction. As constituted, the lap measures 31 miles. This circuit enables the new concrete pits to be used, and, very wisely, pressure filling of tanks is permitted. The three groups will comprise : 1,100 c.c. blown and 1,700 c.c.

unblown : up to 2.6-litres blown and unblown cars over 1,700 c.c. : blown cars over 2.6-litres.

Entries close at single fees on June 30th, and at double fees on July 14th.

We hope that Continental drivers, many Of whom are accustomed to combined track and road circuits, will be over for this important race. Full details are available from : The Junior Car Club, Empire House, Brompton Road, London, S.W .7.

Frazer-Nash Car Club

The Stanley Cup Competition and Inter Club Meeting will be held on. June 19th at Donington Park, where the programme of races is identical with those of last year, with the exception that the Team Relay Race has been increased to four laps per car instead of only two laps per car.

The Short sprint races over 1,000 yards have been scrapped in favour of one-lap scratch races sub-divided into classes. The rest of the programme will include ten-lap scratch race, ten-lap All-corners Handicap and Short and Long Handicaps. Over 000 was spent last year on prizes. Regulation and entry forms are obtainable from Mr. W. H. Aldington, FrazerNash Cars, London Road, Isleworth,

or Mr. H. W. Inderwick, Woodlands Crofton, near Orpington, Kent.

An Inspiring Guide Book of the

After all the stirring pageantry of the Coronation, many of our visitors will want to tour the country. They will find a wonderful guide in "Pictorial Britain," a beautifully produced book that is sponsored by the Anglo-American

Oil Company Ltd. Alfred Taylor's maps are in the delightful style of the seventeenth century, with humorous additions from the twentieth. Galleons sport upon the waves with modern ocean liners. Alfred Taylor's maps are an inspiration to the motor tourist. They are living pictures of Britain. The book is sold at the astonishingly low price of 8/6 and can be obtained from all booksellers.

Our Frontispiece

The illustration which appears on the frontispiece of this month's issue is available to any of our readers; either as a photograph or as a pull on art paper, from the original block. Price for photographic reproductions are as follows. Size 8 in., by 6 in., 2/each, size 10 in. by 8 in. 3/each, and art pulls of the block 1/each.