brief specification

BRIEF SPECIFICATION Engine : Four cylinders in a narrow "V."

Engine : Four cylinders in a narrow "V." Alloy construction with iron bores. 72 x83 mm. (1,632 c.c.). 46 b.h.p. at 4,000 r.p.m. 0.h. camshaft. Coll ignition, pump cooling with

fan. 12.0 h.p. Tax 15s.

Gearbox : 4 speeds and reverse. Ratios : top 4.1, 3rd 6.0, 2nd 9.2, 1st 14.1 to I. Central lever.

Suspension : Independent front and back. Coil springs at. front, transverse leaf spring and torsional bars at back, Hydraulic shockabsorbers. Brakes : Lockheed hydraulic on all four wheels. Central hand-lever,

Chassis : Box section formation of Lancia special layout.

Fuel Range : 10 gallons, approximately 310 miles.

Dimensions : Wheelbase 9 ft. fli in.

Weight (unladen) : 17 cwt. approximately.

Price : De luxe four-door, p.Warless streamline saloon : 1355.

Makers : Messrs. Lancia (England) Ltd., Lancia Works, Alperton, nr. Wembley, Middlesex. (Perivale 5656).