"I am writing the following in the hope that it will interest " Countryman " and others. The twelve-cylinder 4-litre Sunbeam "was built in 1925 and was intended for short-distance record work. Details : Bore 67 mm., stroke 94 nun., cub. capacity 3,976 litres. R.A.C. rating 33 h.p. ; max. b.h.p. 300 at 5,000 r.p.m. ; fuel consumptton per hour 27 gallons at full power ; approximately 6 m.p.g. on road. Oil consumption 7.5 pints per hour at 5,000 r.p.m. Cylinders at 60%, big ends, crank, camshaft(s) and all rotating parts of engine on roller bearings. Two valves per cyl., two camshafts per block. Gear ratio, as used for Southport record, 3 to 1, giving 162 m.p.h. at 5,000 r.p.m. without slip. Four wheel brakes by Servo motor. " Roots " type supercharger built by the Sunbeam Co. was used. The weight was stated to be 18 cwt. The record (kilo) was obtained at 152.308 m.p.h. Later the car ran in the Spanish G.P. at San Sebastian in July 1926. The front axle broke when Major II. 0. D. Seg,rave was well in the lead. In August of that year the car, still driven by that great master " H.O.D.," covered six kilometres of switchback road at Boulogne at 1:10.6 m.p.h. The car then went to

Italy for the G.P. at Monza, September 9th. After making a record lap, 3 mins. 28 secs., in practice, the car was withdrawn at half-distance, when leading, because the thrust block rear of the gearbox broke, letting out the oil. The car was afterwards driven by Kaye Don at Brooklancls and held the lap record at 138 odd and the standing

mile at 1.00.4 Still later Malcolm Campbell rebuilt it and won the "Mountain Championship." The last race in which it ran was the 1937 B.R.D.C. "500." It holds the Class C Mountain Record at 76.31 m.p.h.

Should any reader wish to know more regarding the racing history of " Sunbeam " cars, I shall be pleased to give information if he will write c!o the editor. lam, Yours etc.,