Your article “Emphasis on Economy” interested me greatly, especially so because I am always on the look out for performance with very decided economy myself. A point that grieves me somewhat is your passing over of the undoubted merits of the Morris Eight, especially the twoseater-model. Having run two of these cars over a period of some three years I feel that very definitely here is a little motor that can

and does give plenty of fun. Let me whisper it, my first model was a fug-box, nicknamed ” Bluebottle” which despite its ” family ” type, provided most enjoyable motoring to Donington and other speed venues over a period of nearly three years. I have now advanced one stage further to the real thing by purchasing a twoseater model, which despite having a completely standard and untuned unit, has past the 65 mark under favourable

conditions on several occasions. I might add that ” Bluebottle” was pushed well over the 60 mark on a number of trips, but her cornering was nowhere near es good as the present motor, for obvious reasons. Another point that I would like to

raise. The emphasis of your article seems very much Fiat-D.K.W. Admittedly these are both very good little biur)ws, but I quite fail to see why a British sporting journal, should hold forth to such lengths on their merits. I might add that I look forward to your magazine with more eagerness than any other, and have taken every mouths issue since January 1932. A. point which may prove of interest. My first motoring was done in 1923 on a Gwynne Eight, which was the first car that my late father bought. This was a three-seater model having the appearance of a hip bath on

wheels. The second car was also of this marque, a four-seater purchased in 1924. My father ran this very excellent little car until late 1932, so they obviously did last. I am, Yours etc.,


Birmingham. * * *

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