"Motor Sport" Brooklands Fund

The Fund instituted by Motor Sport to commemorate the Brooklands Motor Course has got off the mark rather slowly. We hope that you will give this deserving Fund your support, so that the great work of the late Mr. H. F. Locke-King may be properly perpetuated. Up to May 20th the donations stood as follows: —

W.J.Tee, Esq. (Motor Sport) ... £10 0s. 0d.
C. Clutton, Esq ... 11s. 6d.
H.D. Harrison, Esq. ... £1 1s. 0d.
Reggie Tongue, Esq. ... £1 1s. 0d.
Dr. H.S. Hayton Williams ... £1 1s. 0d.
P.L. Pratt, Esq. ... 5s. 0d.
R.A. Daniels, Esq. ... 10s. 6d.
K. H. Miles, Esq. ... 10s. 6d.
S/Sgt. E. Garside and Mrs. Garside ... 10s. 0d.
N.R. Jacob, Esq. ... £1 0s. 0d.
L.N. Cole, Esq. ... 10s. 0d.
Ken W. Purdy (New York) ... £1 0s. 0d.
Total ... £18 0s. 6d.