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Bo'ness International Meeting

With Raymond Mays a non-runner, George Abecassis stepped straight into the lead for the Hill-Climb Championship at Bo'ness. His "3.3" G.P. Bugatti set a record for the new course of 38.2 sec. The runner-up was Hutchison, whose "2.9" Alfa-Romeo did a grand run in 38.9 sec. Next came Bear, Gerard and Heath - most commendably. Mrs. Derbyshire tied with Allard in her "blown" ex-Maclure Riley, a truly fine show.

Cass winners: -
750-c.c. Raciing: C. Strang (Strang "500"), 42.7 sec.
1,100-0.0. Racing: J. Weir (M.G.), 42.3 sec.
1 ,500-c.c. Racing: Mrs. Darbyshire (Riley); 40.8 sec.
2-Litre Racing: F. Gerard (E.R.A.), 39.9sec.
3-Litre Racing: K. Hutchison (Alfa-Romeo), 38.0 sec.
Unlimited Racing: G. Abecassis (Bugatti), 38.2 sec.
1,100-c.c. Sports: B. Mitchell (Singer), 51.5 sec.
1,100-c.c. S/C Sports: T. Lund (M.G.), 44.8 sec.
1,500-c.c. Sports: E. Newton (H.R.G.), 42.5 sec.
2-Litre Sports: G. Tyrer (B.M.W.), 43.3 sec.
Unlimited Sports: N. Bean (Jaguar), 43.4 sec.

The six fastest were as follows:
1. G. E. Abecassis (3.3-litre Bugatti), 38.2 sec.
2. K. Hutchison (2.9-litre Alfa-Romeo), 38.9 sec.
3. K. W. Bear (2.3-litre Bugatti), 39 sec.
4. F. R. Gerard (2-litre E.R.A.), 39.9 sec.
5. J. Heath (2-litre Alta), 40.7 sec.
6. Mrs. S. Darbyshire (1 1/2-litre Riley S.), 40.8 sec.; S. H. Allard (3.8-litre Allard), 40,8 sec.

* * *

Chaboud's 4 1/2-litre Darraq won the Marseilles G.P. at 66.34 m.p.h. from Platés Maserati.

* * *

Potter's Allard won the Liverpool M.C. Jeans Cup Trial.