A track at last?

Our hopes have been so often dashed to the ground in respect of a track to replace Donington and Brookands that premature announcements on this subject must be treated with reserve. But it really does seem that the proposed 2-1/2-mile circuit on the Duke of Richmond and Gordon's estate at Goodwood will come into being. There is talk of a J.C.C. members' meeting there later this season, but we imagine that full use of the track may not be possible before 1949. Certainly no one is keener or better fitted than the Duke to foster such a project  --  his successes as a racing-driver will not have been forgotten. And Goodwood, in Sussex, 61 miles from London on A.286, would appear to be well-located for a motor-racing track. We shall follow developments with the keenest interest. Meanwhile the industry has got its track at Nuneaton, but seems to be realising that for test-purposes the only complete solution is a banked track, on which high speeds can be held indefinitely, "cockpit-error" does not come into the picture and all manner of vehicles can be released at one and the same time. What a pity Brooklands has gone out of use!