Sports XK 120 Jaguar Breaks Records at over 132 m.p.h.

At the Jabbeke motor road on May 30th, a standard, fully-equipped, 3 1/2-litre Jaguar Sports two-seater of the kind that created such a profound impression at Earls Court, broke Belgian local records standing to the credit of a Healey. 132 m.p.h. was easily exceeded, the highest speed ever attained by a production car.

Driven by R. N. V. Sutton, Lea-Francis exponent of twenty years ago, the Jaguar impressed those present almost as much by its silence and the way it held the road as by the historical speeds attained . With screen and hood erect, the two-way f.s. mile was covered at 126.448 m.p.h. (best run 127.098 m.p.h.). With screen removed, the speed for the mile was 132,596 m.p.h., the run towards Ostend being accomplished at 133.283 m.p.h.; truly magnificent! The Healey record fell by nearly 22 m.p.h. The f.s. kilometre record was taken at 132.362 m.p.h. (best run 133.388 m.p.h.). The Healey’s s.s. kilometre and mile records were then broken at mean speeds of 74.168 and 86.434 m.p.h., respectively.

The Jaguar used the same Dunlop tyres throughout, Shell pump fuel, Shell oil, Lodge plugs, and standard Lucas electrical equipment.