Reports of Recent Events, June 1949

Mille Miglia Placings
Placings in the Mille Miglia 1,000-Mile Sports Car Race, which was won by Biondetti and Selani in a 2-litre Ferrari, are given below. Britain was well up, for Wisdom and young Geoffrey Healey won the touring category outright in a Healey, while the Bristol saloon of Count Lurani and H. J. Aldington was third and Donald Healey’s Healey saloon fourth in this class. Retirements included Taruffii (Ferrari) with engine failure after clocking 130 m.p.h. over a timed kilometre, Gordon and Lewis (Lancia Astura), Cohen and Hignett (Healey) who crashed at Manerbio with fatal results to the latter, and Serafini and Haller (Type 120 Frazer-Nash).

General Classification: 1st, Biondetti, Selani (2,000-c.c. Ferrari), 12 hr. 7 min. 5 sec, 81.687 m.p.h.; 2nd, Bonetto, Carpani (2000-c.c. Ferrari), 12 hr. 35 min. 7 sec.; 3rd, Rol, Richiero (2,443-c.c. Alfa-Romeo), 12 hr. 51 min. 10 sec.
Over 2,000 c.c.: 1st, Rol, Richiero (2,443-c.c. Alfa-Romeo), 12 hr. 51 min. 10 sec., 77.035 m.p.h.; 2nd, S. Basso, L. Basso (2,443-c.c. Alfa-Romeo), 15 hr. 51 min. 46 sec.
2,000 c.c.: 1st. Biondetti, Selani (2,000-c.c. Ferrari), 12 hr. 7 min. 5 sec., 81.687 m.p.h.; 2nd, Bonetto, Carpani (2,000-c.c. Ferrari), 12 hr. 35 min. 7 sec.
1,100 c.c.: 1st, Auricchio, Bozzini (1,100-c.c. F.I.A.T), 13 hr. 57 min. 52 sec., 71.106 m.p.h.; 2nd, Scagliarini, Maggie (Cisitalia), 14 hr. 9 min. 42 sec.
750 c.c.: 1st, Maggiorelli, Magglorelli (F.I.A.T. Special), 16 hr. 53 min. 30 sec., 58.601 m.p.h.; 2nd, Paesetti, Lana, 17 hr. 3 min. 3 sec.
Touring Category: Over 1,100 c.c.: 1st, G. Healey, T. Wisdom (2,443-c.c. Healey) 14 hr. 24 min. 3 sec., 68.738 m.p.h.; 2nd, Venturi, Sanesi (2,443-c.c. Alfa-Romeo), 14 hr. 25 min. 57 sec.; 3rd, J. Lurani, H. J. Aldington (1,971-c.c. Bristol), 14 hr. 28 min. 5 sec.; 4th, D. Healey, G. Price (2,443-c.c. Healey), 14 hr. 50 min. 50 sec.
1,100 c.c.: 1st, Segie, Valenzano (1,100-c.c. F.I.A.T.), 16 hr. 34 min. 12 sec., 59.703 m.p.h.; 2nd, Mariani, Mariani (1,100-c.c. F.I.A.T.), 16 hr. 41 min. 32 sec.
750 c.c.: 1st, Ferraguti, Ferraiolo (500-c.c. F.I.A.T.), 18 hr. 47 min. 6 sec., 52.96 m.p.h.: 2nd, Zanettl, Zunica (500-c.c. F.I.A.T.), 18 hr. 50 min. 12 sec.

The results, not to hand in time for publication last month, are appended herewith: —

Special Award (Veterans): R. D. Gregory (1904 Daracq). Runner-up: G. A. Upton (1903 Lanchester).
Veteran First-Class Awards: D. W. D. Showell (1900 Argyll), W. Browning (1900 New Orleans), W. Pilmore-Bedford (1901 De Dion), L. P. Hunt (1902 Century), G. Oliver (1902 Mercedes), S.. E. Sears (1903 Clement-Talbot), G. A. Upton (1903 Lanchester), W. I. Pumphry (1903 Sunbeam), T. Hutton-Stott (1903 Thornycroft), R. D. Gregory (1904 Darracq). W. R. Stevens (1904 De Dion), P. R. Crittall (1904 Humber), H. A. Pierpoint (1904 Mors), J. G. Hampton (1904 Oldsmobile), G. E. Solomon (1904 Swift), R. Lawson (1904 Tony Huber), H. Pilmore-Bedford (1904 Wolseley).
Veteran Second-Class Awards: E. Philip-Shaw (1902 Beaufort). J. F. W. Spillek (1902 De Dion), C. H. Peacork (1903 Argyll).
Veteran Third-Class Awards: Miss A. F. Tanner (1900 De Dion), M. Estler (1903 Siddeley).
Special Award (Edwardians): A. C. Fairtclough (1912 Delaunay-Belleville). Runner-up: Leonard Taylor (1911 Stanley).
Edwardian First-Class Awards: H. T. Clarke (1905 De Dion). C. Ward (1906 Renault), S. J. Skinner (1908 Wolseley-Siddeley). A. F. Carlisle (1909 De Dion). H.R. Timmis (1910 Mercedes), G. Mawer (1910 Zedel), H. F. Welham (1911 Brennabor). H. O.S. Bridcutt (1911 Daimler), C. R. Abbott (1911 De Dion). Capt. H. Browell (1911 Napier), L. Taylor (1911 Stanley), A. C. Fairclough (1912 Delaunay-Belleville), D. Barton (1912 Napier). J. G. Hampton (1912 Sunbeam), G. V. B. Cooke (1913 Austin). T. R. Lloyd (1914 Rover), J. M. Bland (1914 Studebaker), A. R. Thorley (1910 Adler).
Edwardian Second-Class Awards: E. R. H. Hill (1910 Phoenix), J. G. Walters (1911 De Dion): A..C. Bird (1912 (Charron), C. J. Bendall (1912 Sunbeam).
Edwardian Third-Class Awards: W. M. Goslett (1906 Rover), H. W. Burman (1914 Perry).
The most amazing performance was recorded by R. D. Gregory (1904 Darracq) whose time was exact at all checks and at the finish.

Paris Grand Prix, Montlhèry
The Formula I race, held on April 24th, over about 195 miles of the short road-cum-track circuit at Montlhèry, was won by a 4 1/2-litre Lago-Talbot driven by Etancelin, who averaged 93.12 m.p.h. Another Lago-Talbot, driven by Grignard and Cabantous, crossed the line second, followed home by Claes’ Lago-Talbot, Versini’s 3-litre Delage, Levegh’s Lago-Talbot, Raph’s 3.6-litre Delahaye and Salvadori in the ex-Bira 16-valve Maserati. Crowds invaded the course and Judet crashed his Maserati as a result. Macklin’s 6CL Maserati retired with oil in its magneto. Etancelin lapped at 96.93 m.p.h., or only 0.83 m.p.h. slower than the record, held by Johnson’s E-type E.R.A. The 95-mile small-car race was a victory for Gordini’s Simca, at 76.82 m.p.h., from a Duval and a Peugeot.

Herts County A.C. Spring Cup Trial
This event was decided mainly on the results of two special tests :

Best Individual Performance: E. A. Frost (Allard).
Best up to 1,500 c.c.: C. Pentony (Morris).
First-Class Awards: H. H. Lawson (H.R.G.), S. G. E. Tett (H.R.G.), J. H. Appleton (Allard), K. Welfare (Austin-Ford), and G. W. Best (M.G.).
Second-Class Awards: R. Davis (Leopard Special), C. W. Yates (Austin), D. G. P. Roberts (H.R.G.), D. D. Render (Allard), B. D. S. Ginn (Ford), and H. Clayton (Clayton Special).
Team Award: Candidi Provocatores (N.W. London) team.

Lancashire & Cheshire C.C. 8th Derbyshire Sporting Trial
In spite of dry weather, only the Bold Special climbed Washgates. Other hills used were Moor Lane, Cow Low, Wool Dale, Ghost Quarry and Litton Slack. Fastest in the three special-tests were Bancroft and Rawlings (tie), Beardshaw (A.M.B.), Mosby (Rover-F.M.B.) and Clegg (tied) and Holt (Ford V8), respectively.
Quick Trophy: C. L. Bold (Bold Special).
Sackville Trophy: G. P. Mosby (Rover-F.M.B.).
Mawrey Trophy: J. Clegg (Clegg Special).
Higher Road Trophy: K. Rawlings (Rawlings).
Team Trophy: Lancashire and Cheshire C.C. — Clegg, Holt and Thompson.
Special Novice’s Award: A. D. Aldred (Ford).
First-Class Awards: J. Clegg (Clegg). R. E. Holt (Ford V8), and B. K. Thompson (A.W.S.).

Hants and Berks M.C. Aldershot Trial
This annual event is for experienced trials drivers and is intended to be “tough.” This year, as with so many other trials, the dry weather made matters easier than anticipated, but firemen assisted by flooding Soggy Wood, and in all five competitors retired. Many good negotiations of the notorious Soggy Wood were seen, but not everyone was so skilful, Buckler diving in at great speed and swamping his Buckler, while Len Parker’s supercharged V12 Allard got water over its engine and lost one bank of cylinders, getting no further than this first section. Faulkner’s Mercury-Special and Appleton’s supercharged Allard ran level for best performance until the special test, when the former the better time.
Class A (up to 1,300 c.c.). — 1st: C. W. Yates (Austin, with Ford Ten engine), 76 marks 2nd: H. Clayton (Clayton Special), 67; 3rd: John Dyer (Riley Nine), 66.
Class B (up to 3 Litres). — 1st: G. Pentony (Morris Minor with Vauxhall engine), 66 marks.
Class C (Unlimited). — 1st: R. W. Faulkner (Mercury Special), 80 marks; 2nd: J. H. Appleton (Allard, S.), 80.

The International Tulip Rally
The Tulip Rally, organised by the newly-formed R.A.C. West of Holland, attracted many British competitors and was a signal success. Ken Wharton added another laurel to his wreath by winning outright, driving a Ford Anglia saloon with Mrs. Cooke. Appleyard and Stuart (Jaguar 100) were second, A. J. Van der Lof (F.I.A.T. 500B o.h.v.) third, and Haddow and Thorne (M.G. Midget) fourth in general finishing order. The event was for standard cars only and concluded with a stiff driving test at Zandvoort circuit.
Class 1 (Over 1,500 c.c.). — 1st: E. L. Appleyard-C. Stuart (G.B.), 435.7 (Jaguar); 2nd: Hans J. C. de Rijk-A. Bastiaan-Mme. W. de Dijk-Draayer (N.L.), 430.1 (Ford V8); 3rd: H. A. H. Sijthoff-H. A. Burgerhout (N.L.), 416.8 (Healey).
Class 2 (1,100-1,500 c.c.). — 1st: K. Wharton-Mrs. J. Cooke (G.B.), 441.3 (Ford); 2nd: R. T. Haddow-K. M. Thorne (G.B.), 430.6 (M.G.); 3rd: B. L. Van der Wansem-F. Vrij-Aldenhoven (N.L.), 425.3 (Austin A40).
Class 3 (750-1,100 c.c.). — 1st: J. C. Warning-V. U. Buck (N.L.), 427.2 (Skoda); 2nd: H. J. Voormolen-A. M. A. Creeers (N.L.), 422.0 (F.I.A.T. 1000); 3rd: F. A. W. Naaykens-A. A. P. M. Horsten (N.L.), 417.3 (Skoda).
Class 4 (Under 750 c.c.). — 1st: A. J. van der Lof-Mme. D. H. Van der Lof-Odink (N.L.), 431.2 (F.I.A.T. 500B); 2nd: Mme. M. Trouis-Mme. F. G. M. Gatsonides-Hofhius (N.L.), 427.7 (Simca Six) 3rd: B. H. Eerligh-S. Vos (N.L,), 425.9 (F.I.A.T. 500B).

Cheltenham M.C. Trial
In this event, held on April 30th, Marechal was the only driver who lost no marks.
Class A (open cars up to 1 1/2-litres): best performance, P. Marechal (H.R.G.) no marks lost; runner-up, R. Skinner (Austin) four marks lost.
Class B (closed cars up to 1 1/2-litres): best performance, H. Major (Morris) two marks lost; runner-up, E. Dewey (F.I.A.T.) four marks lost.
Class C (open cars over 1 1/2-litres): No entry.
Class D (closed cars over 1 1/2-litres): best performance, W. Dembowskl (Ford) three marks, lost; runner-up, H. Colison (Standard) six. marks lost.

Sheffield & Hallamshire M.C.
Dickinson and Kenning Trials (May 8th).

Dickinson Main Road Trial:
(20-mile route in Derbyshire, run on a regularity basis.)
Dickinson Trophy. — 1st: J. S. Jenkins (Vauxhall Fourteen saloon); 2nd: E. S. Sneath (Healey); 3rd: Mrs. F. E. Needham (M.G.).
Team Award. — Messrs. H. Myers, R. Maltby and A. Hopkinson.
Kenning Trial:
(Test Trial held on private road at Earle’s Cement Works, Hope, near Sheffield.)
Kenning Cup. — R. C. Wingfield (Wingfield-Special).
Open Class — 1st: R. C. Wingfield (Wingfield Special); 2nd: R. W. Phillips (Fairley); 3rd: A. R. Priestley (Harley).
Saloon. — 1st: R. Maltby (FI.A.T.); 2nd: E. Wadsworth (Ford); 3rd: F. W. James (Wolseley).
Best Lady Driver. — Miss B. Kemble (M.G.).
Team Award. — Messrs. R. W. Phillips, G. Oates and R. C. Wingfield.
Best aggregate of Dickinson and Kenning Trials:H. Myers (M.G.)

Pau Afterthoughts
Here are some observations by our Continental Correspondent on the Pau G.P., received too late for inclusion last month: —

Before the race started a one-minute silence was observed in memory of the late Robert Benoist and the late Jean-Pierre Wimille. The front row of the start contained the two Argentine drivers Juan Fangio and Campos and the Swiss de Graffenried, all driving 4CLT/48 Maseratis. From the start Fangio took the lead and at the end of the first lap the order was Fangio, de Graffenried, Campos, Chiron, Pagani and Etancelin with the rest of the field strung out behind.

Throughout the 110 laps there was little doubt that Fangio was master of the situation and apart from changes of leadership due to pit stops the Argentine looked a certain winner. De Graffenried was driving exceedingly well and was succeeding in splitting up the Argentine team when Campos had to stop to change a wheel, at which time Louis Chiron brought his Lago-Record Talbot into third place.

As the race went on third position changed frequently and at 65 laps Maurice Trintignant had brought his 1,430-c.c. Simca, up into that place, but by 80 laps Campos had worked his Maserati past the Simca. Five laps later Chiron, partnered by Mairesse, had passed the Simca and in that order the race came to a close. Etancelin, Chiron, Mairesse, Rosier, Giraud-Cabantous and Levegh all drove 4 1/2-litre Lago-Record Talbots, using portable battery starter trucks on the starting line, as did the two 1,430-c.c. Gordini-Simcas, driven by Trintignant and Manzon, batteries being supplied by Robert Brunet.

Fangio, Campos and de Graffenried drove 4CLT/48 Masemtis, while Chaboud and Pagan’ used 4CL models. The two Argentine cars were painted blue with yellow bonnets and Harry Schell’s early single seater Talbot was painted blue with cream bonnet and body top. The new Lago-Talbots have the transmission stepped to the right behind the gearbox and the propeller shaft passes along the right-hand driver’s armrest. Etancelin had trouble with his rear shock-absorbers and struck the straw bales just beyond the pits, pushing the car back single-handed to have the engine re-started, the regulations forbidding push-starting.

Towards the end of the race Fangio made a quick stop for oil and the mechanics then failed to restart the engine on the handle. After quietly watching three mechanics wind in vain, he leapt from the cockpit, gave one sharp pull on the handle, leapt back into the cockpit and was back in the race before anyone could appreciate what had happened.

About three-quarter distance Manzon’s Simca became very sick and crept round on three cylinders in an endeavour to finish at all costs, Manzon meanwhile smoking a cigarette and driving with his helmet off. Both Gordini-Equipe drivers wore crash helmets.

Ecurie France entered Chiron and Mairesse on Lago-Records, but they shared Chiron’s car for the race.

British A.C. Hamburg Rally
At Easter the British Automobile Club held a Rally which attracted 37 entries. In a 1/4-mile speed trial which was amongst the special tests, a pre-war Talbot clocked 78.9 .m.p.h., whereas the fastest post-war car, a 1 1/2-litre Riley, managed only 77.5 m.p.h. A Volkswagen clocked 66.6 m.p.h., an interesting speed in view of recent controversy as to the true speed of this high-geared car.
Volkswagen. — Tie between W. H. Fraser, Capt. P. W. R. Sabin and S. J. Lacey.
Pre-War Cars up to 2 Litres. — H. J. Coates (Mercédes).
Pre-War Cars Over 2 Litres. — Tie between S/Ldr. C. R. J. Churton (Lagonda) and Comdr. J. O. S. Wilde (Vauxhall).
Post-War Cars up to 1,100 c.c. — R. Baxter (Standard).
Post-War Cars Over 1,100 c.c. — Mrs. M. A. McLennan (Austin A40).
Best Performance Irrespective of Class. — H. J. Coates (Mercédes).

Kentish Border c.c. Taylor Cup Trial
The J. B. Taylor Cup Trial held on Sunday, May 8th, in the Swanley-Farningham area was a closed event which attracted 14 entries. Failures on observed sections were very few due to the exceptionally dry weather. The marking for awards was, therefore, decided on the aggregate time on three special tests with the following results: —

J. B. Taylor Cup (Best Performance). — R. W. Faulkner (Mercury-Special).
Class A (Under 1,500 c.c.). — First-class award, M. H. Lawson (H.R.G.). Second-class award, C. W. Yates (Austin-Special).
Class B (Over 1,500 c.c.). — First-class award, R. F. Chappell (Ford-Special). Second-class award, K. R. W. Shackel (Ford coupé).

Perpignan Grand Prix
Juan Fangio (two-stage Maserati) won the Grand Prix de Roussillon at Perpignan at 61.71 m.p.h. “Bira’s” Maserati won the second heat, made fastest lap at 64.56 m.p.h. and finished second in the race as a whole.

Finnish Grand Prix
Kvarnstroem (Hudson) won this Finnish event from Hinswaerk (Ford) and Keinaenen (Chrysler).

Leinster A.C. Curragh Race
Unfortunately G. D. Cox (M .G.) was killed while practising. The winner was K. Murphy (N-type M.G. Magnette) from Manthorpe’s “PB” M.G. and Ross’ “TC” M.G.

West Essex M.C. Chelmsord Rally and Driving Tests
The first Chelmsford Rally and Driving Tests organised by the West Essex Car Club were held on May 8th at the Police Driving School, Chelmsford, by permission of the Chief Constable of Essex, Capt. F. R. V. Peel, C.B.E., M.C., B.A. Fifty-one starters including nine Police Instructors in standard type cars and many of Southern England’s leading trials drivers in their usual trials machines took part. The tests were run on the “clean sheet” basis with awards going only to those drivers who completed all the tests clean.

At lunch Capt. Peel expressed the hope that this gathering would be the first of many and would do much good in helping to remove the long-standing barrier which seemed to exist between so many motorists and the police.

The first test produced some very fast times, J. H. Appleton in his blown Allard proved best with 29.6 sec., F. Dennis Dent (Allard) second with 30 sec., and Sgt. A. H. J. Whitehead, driving an instructional M.G. 1 1/4-litre saloon, third with 30.4 sec.

The second test, a wiggle-woggle of some 120 yards, proved a small car’s delight, fastest time being returned by S. G. E. Tett (H.R.G.) in 31.2 sec., with Sgt. A. H. J. Whitehead (M.G. 1 1/4-litre) and F. G. Crossley (M.G. “TA”) second and third in 33 sec., and 33.6 sec., respectively.

The next and final test of the general rally was a reverse and forward to flying finish with a running start by drivers to their cars and produced some most unorthodox methods of entry to the various vehicles. The times in this test were extremely close and resulted in a tie for first place between A. G. Imhoff (Allard) and J. V. Lewis (Riley “Kestrel”) in 14.2 sec., and a tie for second place between Onslow Bartlett (Mercury Special) and S. G. E. Tett (H.R.G.) in 14.6 sec., with third place held by H. Clayton (Clayton Special) in 15 sec.

After tea, the assembly of some 250 persons adjourned to the Skid Patch for the final event, an optional part of the rally in the form of a timed double figure eight on the oil and water-covered surface of the skid area. Before this test started, two of the police drivers gave a serious exhibition of bandit chasing with a Lagonda Rapide and a model 81a Ford V8 saloon, which was later followed by a not-so-serious, but certainly more hair-raising exhibition by A. G. Imhoff in his Allard and L. J. Onslow Bartlett in his Mercury Special with S. H. Allard as an apparently unwilling passenger, who showed how the same thing should be done backwards.

The fastest time in the actual test was recorded by S. G. E. Tett (H.R.G.) in 38.3 sec., with J. H. Appleton (Allard) in 38.6 sec. second, and Sgt C. R. Leonard (4 1/2-litre Lagonda) third in 40.6 sec.
Results :
First (Chelmsford Cup for best performance): J. H. Appleton (Allard).
Secnd (Harrow Car Club — best invited club): S. G. E. Tett (H.R.G.).
Third (Best police driver): H. W. Dalling (1 1/4-litre M.G.).
Fourth (Best open car): A. O. Coe (police) (“TC” M.G.)
Fifth (Best W.E.C.C. member): C. B. Grant (“TC” M.G.).
Sixth (Best saloon car): A. H. Whitehead (police) (1 1/4-litre M.G.).
Seventh (Second best open car): Tie: — S. Allard (Allard) and J. T. K. Line (“TC” M.G.).
Eight (Second best saloon): Raymond Way (Atalanta).
Best Performance, Skid Area Test: S. G. E. Tett (H.R.G.)
Team Award: Police “A” team, H. W. Dalling (1 1/4-litre M.G.), A. H. Whitehead (1 1/4-litre M.G.), C. R. Leonard (2 1/2-litre Riley).

Cemian M.C. Chiltern Cup Trial
The Chiltern Cup Trial was held on May 15th and attracted 14 entries. The course included five observed sections and two special tests and was in fairly easy condition. Two competitors retained full marks and the result was decided by 0.2 of a second on the times in the special tests.
Chiltern Cup (Best performance): I. Palmer (P.S.).
Best-Saloon Class: W. Mahon (Ford Eight).
First-Class Award: D. Roberts (H.R.G.).
Second-Class Awards: A. Rivers (Wolseley), J. Selley (M.G.), T. Oxendale (H.R.G.).