Fixtures For June



R. = Restricted Event.  C. = Closed Event.  C.I. = Closed Invitiation Event.  N. National Event.  I. International Event.

3rd.—Hants & Berks M.C. and others C.I. “Eight Clubs” Race Meeting, Silverstone.

     N. London Enthusiasts C.C. C. Whelpley Hill Tests, Nr. Hemel Hempstead.

     Sunbeam Talbot O.C. R. Scottish Rally, Ayrshire.

4th.—Hagley & District L.C.C. C. Sporting Half-Day Trial, Dunhampton.

     Aston-Martin O.C. C.I. Surrey.

     C.S.M.A. C. Dunlop Trophy Competition, Hendon.

     Lancia M.C. R. Team Trial, Overstone.

     Chiltern C.C. C.I. Touring Rally, Amersham.

     Lancs & Ches. C.C. C. Captain Scott Trophy Trial, Cheshire.

     Riley M.C. C. 24-Hour Trial, Southport.

     Plymouth M.C. C. Allen Trophy Rally, Devon.

     Aberdeen & District M.C. C.I. Trial, Scotland.

     Peterborough M.C. C. Speed Trial, Peterborough.

10th.—Bentley D.C. C. Speed Trial.

       Midland A.G. N. SKELSLEY WALSH HILL CLIMB, Worcs.

       Maidstone & Mid-Kent M.C. C.I Race Meeting, Silverstone.

10th/11th.—Lancashire A.C. C.I. Blackpool Rally.

11th.—Southsea, M.C. C. Cannon Cup Rally, Hants.

       Cambridge U. A.G. C. Speed Trial, Bedwell Hey.

       Bugatti O.C. C. PRESCOTT HILL CLIMB (2 p.m.), Cheltenham.

14th.—Ulster A.C. C. Trial, N. Ireland.



       Bugatti O.C. C.I. Race Meeting, Silverstone.

       Scottish M.R.C. C.I. Speed Trial, Granton.

       Brighton & Hove M.C. C.I. Brighton—Beer Trial.

       Veteran C.C. C. Rally & Trial, Maidstone.

       Herts County A. & A.C. C. Panshanger Rally, Herts.

18th.—Falcon M.C. C.I. Driving Tests, Puckeridge.

      Sheffield & Hallamshire M.C. C.I. Hallamshire Team Rally.

19th.—Rochdale & D. M.C. C.I. 18-Hour Trial, Lanes.

21st.—E. Anglian M.C. Evening Trial, Essex, 6 p.m.

24th.—Scottish S.C.C. N. BO’NESS HILL CLIMB, Scotland.

       Vintage S.C.C. C.I. Race Meeting, Silverstone.

       Chester M.C. C. Speed Trial.

24th/25th.—Midland A.C. C. Welsh Rally.

              Maidstone & Mid-Kent M.C. C.I. Rally, Margate.

25th.—500 Club C. Race Meeting. Yorkshire S.C.C. C. Standard Car Trial, Keighley.

       M.G. Car Club (N.W. Centre) C. Summer Rally, Cheshire.

       Lagonda C.C. C.I. Rally.

30th/July 5th.—Veteran C.C. C.I. Rally to France, Le Touquet.