Club News, June 1953



We hear Trico-Folberth Ltd. sent a piece of spaghetti to those unfortunates amongst their friends who did not get to Italy for the Turin Show and so missed their exhibit on Stand 537,

Japan News referred recently to racing motorists Reg. Varnell, George Axercasses and Peter Colgins. Gordon Wilkins has left the staff of Autocar.


ln order to commemorate Coronation year, the British Automobile Racing Club is to give a special cash award of 200 guineas and trophy value 50 guineas to the most successful British driver of a British 2-litre racing car in events in the United Kingdom or abroad. The award will be based upon a points system retrospective from January 1st, 1953.

The general conditions governing the award are as follows :

1. All points will be awarded for the period January 1st, 1953, to December 31st, 1953.

2; No points will be allotted in races where there are fewer than five starters.

3. Points will he awarded in scratch races only.

4. In events which incorporate other than 2-litre racing cars the points for 2-litre racing cars will be allocated on the general race classification only.

5. Where a race consists of preliminary heats and a final the number of starters will be taken as the combined number of starters in each heat provided that no entry appears twice. Points will be awarded for the final only.

6. The award of points will vary as to the type and distance of race, on a basis indicated in the table given in par. II. In races with heats and a final the race distance will be considered as the length of the heat added to the length of the final.

7. Where a race is stopped by the stewards before the full distance has been completed, marks will be based on the classification recognised by the stewards of the meeting.

8. In awarding points for a “finisher” it is a condition that the competitor concerned shall have completed 75 per cent. of the total race distance; and further that he shall not have been declared to have retired before the race is officially stopped.

9. It is a condition that the driver holds an F.I.A. licence issued by the Royal Automobile Club, Loudon, England.

10. The onus is on the competitor to claim points by notifying the General Secretary, B.A.R.C., 55, Park Lane, London, W.1. within seven days after any success achieved.

11. The award of points in Grandes Epreuves run under the current lnternational Grand Prix Formula II is as follows;-  1st 50 points, 2nd 30 points, 3rd 35 points, 4th 30 points, 5th 20 points, Finishers 10 points.

For all other races run under International permits the basis, over the following distances, is:-

(Points for a “finisher” will only be awarded to competitors who do not otherwise qualify for a points award.)

12. In all circumstances not covered by these regulations the decision of the Council of the British Automobile Racing Club shall be final.