Mr. C.E. Russell of Girling Limited



Mr. C. E. Russell of Girling Ltd. was apprenticed to the Associated Daimler Company Limited before their amalgamation with A.E.C., after which he joined the Daimler Company Limited, and eventually became Chief Experimental Tester. In that capacity a good deal of time was spent at Brooklands on development test-work for Daimler and among competition and racing projects for sheer enthusiasm; when time and cash permitted.

War time activities were confined to Army liaison with Daimler Scout and armoured cars, the latter being fitted with the famous Girling disc brake. This, however, should not be confused with the more modern type of caliper actuation which is under development at the present time.

Joined Girling in 1947 as Competitions Manager which job entails travelling 30,000 miles a year by road, sea and air, which with technical liaison and administration, leaves little time for hobbies.

Would like to sail and race International Class dinghies as a relaxation from motor racing. Present means of transport: Austin A40.