Silverstone Sidelights

Scintilla magnetos were used by the Connaughts.

During the afternoon "Goldie" Gardner circulated the M.G. record-car and the Royal Corps of Signals gave a very creditable display of motor-cycle trick riding - after which we felt that at least the patrolling mobile police motor-cyclists should have come round standing on their saddles !

The enormous streams of traffic flowing from the circuit showed that motor racing retains its full-strength popularity in England. The police coped well and it was possible to leave almost normally by 8 p.m.

A record number of visitors, surely, arrived by air.

Robert Glenton, reporting the day's racing on the front page of the Sunday Express, described the battle between Hawthorn and de Graffenried, defining both cars as "high-powered Ferraris" ! And the Daily Express told us that Moss needed a new skidlid after his crash - ugh !

Connaught retain their own disc wheels - and look rather like Dinky toys in consequence.

"Wilky" Wilkinson never seems to grow any older in spite of having more and more cars to service.

Hawthorn signed autographs with a charming smile after his victories - and that smile was readily returned by the girls !