Club News, June 1956

Public Schools M.C. and Incorporated Auctioneers C.C. Fifth Joint Annual Gymkhana

Almost 40 competitors carried out six driving tests, each of which was designed to test the skill of the driver and called for intelligent co-operation on the part of the passenger. Wonderful weather helped to make the afternoon pleasant and enjoyable for both competitors and marshals. Later the majority present gathered at “The Wheatsheaf,” King Street, High Ongar, where provisional results were announced during the evening.


Bovingdon Trophy (P.S.M.C.) – Overall: 1st: N.H. Dangerfield (Standard Eight); 2nd: N. Leather (visitor) (Ford Popular); 3rd: S.E.L. de Casembroot (Ford Anglia).

Awards (P.S.M.C.): : N.H. Dangerfield; visitor, N. Leather.

Awards (I.A.C.C.): 1st R.E. Roberts; visitor, B.A. Whateley.

The Starlight Rally (closed) will he held on the night of June 9/10th. Distance approximately 300 miles; start, S.W. London.

Details of membership and events from J.B. Blansden, 48, Glebe Way, West Wickham, Kent. Tel.: Springpark 5502 (day).

Marconi A.C. May Rally (May 6th)

Outright Winner G. C. Wilsdon (Sunbeam Mk. III); navigator, T. Mosse; (T.E.A.C.).

Class A

1st: D.H. Thompson (Ford Anglia): navigator, E. Fitzakerly; (T.E.A.C.).

2nd: P. G. Hearne (Standard Eight); navigator, P. Stevenson: (M.A.C.).

Class B

1st: R.H. Merry (Ford Consul); navigator. D. Austin; (F.S.M.C.).

2nd: E. Steele (Riley 23); navigator, K. Tinworth; (T.E.A.C.).

Class C

1st: J. R. Mann (Jaguar Mk. VII); navigator. J. Hooper; (E.C.M.C.).

2nd: S. Greenfield (Ford Zodiac): navigator, D. Greenfield; (M.A.C.).

Class D

1st: A.E. Cleghorn (Morgan Plus Four); navigator, M. Cleghorn; (E.C.M.C.).

2nd: D.P. Davis (Triumph TR2); navigator, J. White; (T.E.A.C.).

Team Award: Team No. 5 – D.P. Davis (Capt.), G. Wilsdon and A. Cleghorn (T.E.A.C.).

Circle C.C. Night Navigational Rally (May 5/6th)


Best Performance (“The Owl”): E.C. Pearson (Ford 1,172). 130 marks lost (Circle C.C.).

Best Performance by an Invited Club: A. K. Hirst (Standard), 370 marks lost (North London Enthusiasts` CC.).

Best Performance in Class A: E.J.Buxton (Ford), 440 marks lost (Herts County Auto. and Aero. Club).

Best Performance in Class B: W.W. Paul (Ford Zephyr). 140 marks lost (Circle C.C.).

Film Show

The Epping Forest Motorsport Association will hold a film show on June 28th at St. Mary’s Hall, 201, High Road, Loughton, Essex, at 7.45 p.m.; admission free. The programme includes a new colour film of the 1955 Monaco Grand Prix d’Europe and the “Route d’Hiver,” the 1955 Monte Carlo Rally.