Singer O.C. (Sheffield Centre)

The start of the All Centre Rally was from Chesterfield, entrants arriving from Lincoln, Rotherham, Sheffield, Chesterfield and Birkenhead. The first section was by map references at an average speed of 30 m.p.h., and the second section was a list of 15 map reference points, as many as possible to be visited in 80 minutes at it maximum average speed of 35 m.p.h. The final section was a route card with the addition of two driving tests. The event was organised by D. Greensmith and P. Kerry. Winner, B. Goldberg (SM Roadster), 360 points lost; second, D. Revill (Zephyr), 421 points lost; third, A. Twelves (Nine roadster), 488; fourth, J. Wells-Cole (Hunter 509). Next event June 24th; details from B. Goldberg, 40, Church Street, Sheffiled 1.