Advertising Race Results


I am entirely in agreement with you when you deplore the wilful misrepresentation of facts in the advertisements of some sections of the British Motor Industry. It seems to reach the limits of absurdity in an advertisement of Jaguar. Ltd., which appeared in the Observer recently - the same issue in which the official results were to be read on the back page!

I am, Yours, etc.,

G.H. Stanford


[Our correspondent encloses a cutting which contains the statement, in figures 1/2 in. high, that Jaguar were first, second and third in the Daily Express Sports Car Race, preceded by the statement, within brackets, that this was in "Class C, over 3,000 c.c." in letters about 3/32 in. high. Perhaps not misrepresentation but certainly curious presentation. Rootes are also guilty, for a poster in their Piccadilly showrooms makes it look as if the Sunbeam Rapiers were second and third in the Mille Miglia, at all events when passing on the opposite side of the road, although I admit my glasses need changing! - Ed.]