This year’s International Tulip Rally proved to be tougher than was expected and the event has now regained its status as a hard fight for both the cars and the drivers. Severe weather this year made matters more difficult but the smaller Continental cars scored and the performances of the Volvos particularly and the Giuliettas, Porsches and Mercedes-Benzes were excellent. The fact that a Volvo came first was a surprise to many but this only goes to show the reliability of these rugged cars which are designed to face up to the arduous winter conditions of their native Sweden.

During the racing at Zandvoort at the end of the rally part of the event Engels regrettably lost his life when his open Mercedes-Benz crashed on top of him. After three laps the race was stopped, the usual festivities were cancelled with the exception of the party, which was held in a more dignified fashion than is normally the case after this event.