Fiat Register Concorso di Eleganza

The Fiat Register attracted an entry of 19 Italian cars to its ingenious Concorso di Eleganza on May 10th. They assembled under a sun of almost Italian strength, supported by an additional 23 entries of British and French makes, at the U.S.A.F. Base at Bushy Park, by permission of Lt.-Col. F. Rogers, who, after the hard-working Judges — V. Tuson, V. Derrington, W. Undery and W. Boddy — had completed their tasks, awarded those with the more outstanding cars some very nice silverware. The prize-winners were:

Fiats-only Class:

1st: G. Hodgkinson (1912 Tipo 52B)

2nd: R. Barnard (1922 Tipo 501).

Vintage award: W. Bowyer (1927 509A).

Vintage Class:

1st: Mrs. Field (1924 Morris-Cowley two-seater).

2nd: J. West (1925 12/25 Humber tourer).

3rd: Sq./Ldr. C. Millar (1927 Twin-Cam 3-litre Sunbeam).

Post-Vintage Class:

1st : L.  Albertini (1931 Tipo 8A Isotta-Franschini).


The Daimler Fluid Flywheel

On reading over our road-test report on the Daimler Majestic it occurred to us that it might give the impression that the Daimler fluid flywheel transmission is defunct. Although Borg-Warner fully automatic transmission is used on the Majestic, the big 4.6-litre. Daimler DK 400B uses the fluid flywheel in conjunction with a pre-selector gearbox.



The West Essex C.C., in their magazine Wheelspin, forecast the Triumph Herald many months ago. Now, in the May issue, they forecast a B.M.C. baby car with 600-c.c. engine at the rear and i.r.s.


The Emertson 250

Peter Emery, not Paul Emery, built and drove the Emeryson 250 referred to in our report of the Easter Eelmoor Plain 250 M.R.C. Meeting. This neat little racing car weighs 295 lb., is powered by a modified M.O.V. Velocette engine driving through a close-ratio Albion gearbox, with integral fuel pump, to the front wheels. Wishbone i.f.s. and swing-axle i.r.s. are employed, the Emeryson 250 has a wheelbase of 6 ft. 1 in., a track of 3 ft. 9 in. and the wheel size is 4.00 by 12. The tank holds five gallons of fuel and braking is by a 9-in. inboard Girling disc at the front, 7-in. drum brakes at the back. Watch this car at future 250 M.R.C. meetings.