Slippery-or slip up?


I am rather amused by the recent advert, in the National Press of the delighted “Mini” owner, “in standard trim,” who claims 65 mph in third gear, and 80 mph top speed, since using Molyslip. One wonders why some owners use twin carbs and special heads, and indeed, buy the Cooper version when, for a modest 15s worth of Molyslip they can obtain very nearly the same performance.

I have both driven and been a passenger in the standard Mini, and I find that 45 mph in third gear is all the motor wants, and even at this speed it sounds like a thousand screaming cats! 70 mph in top gear is about maximum with a fair degree of safety.

I have tried Molyslip in my 1000 Minor twice and each time it was found in the bottom of the filter, and at no time was any difference noticed in engine performance.

AG Tillman, Mitcham.