The Simca 1501GLS road test


I feel that the public may be a little misled by some small inaccuracies which appeared in last month’s road-test report on the Simca:

1. The two lidded glove boxes are not both unlockable: the passenger side is operated by the key which opens the boot and the car doors.

2. The steering-column lock is not fitted as standard equipment. Neither are the reversing lamps (the reversing lamps are incorporated in the rear light grouping, but are not equipped with bulbs or wiring), the reason for this being that they were put on the car because it was thought that it might become a legal requirement in some countries tor reversing lamps to be fitted as standard equipment in the near future.

3. There are fresh air vents through which air can be directed either up or down, and they can be turned to either hot or cold.

J. Speed, Sales Promotion Manager,

London, N.W.2. Simca Motors (Gt. Britain) Ltd.