Audi advertising


In May’s Audi advertisement the advertiser compares the Audi with a Triumph 2000 and a Rover 2000. He makes acceleration comparisons taken from Motor.

In the table on the last page of Motor, which lists the cars tested, the figures are given as 9.2, 9.4 and 10.1 sec. respectively.

This type of inaccurate “knocking” advertisement is to my mind deplorable as I am sure the Audi has very many virtues that are worth selling without stooping to these levels. The advertisement isn’t even a fair comparison, e.g. there is no mention of a Lotus Cortina which gets to 50 in 7.4, or the Alfa in 8.2 sec. All these cars are four-seater saloons in a comparable price range. I have no affiliation to either Triumph or Rover, but as a regular reader I feel this type of advertisement reflects on the publication.

London, S.W.19. I. E. A. Barclay.