Whose lion?


With reference to the review of this year’s Safari in Motor Sport, I was very disappointed in this review, if it can really be called a review.

Haying just returned from Nairobi, visited specially over Easter because of the Safari incidentally, and having worked at Nairobi control for a good number of years I find nothing in the article bar works Fords! This despite the fact that 91 cars started.

A.E.A.K. gives little indication of the excitement that hung over Jamhuri Park during Easter. He mentions just as much of the reasons for retirements and the battle for the lead that ensued after the halfway halt at Nairobi.

What also of the various classes? For instance 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6th places going to Peugeots in class 11 with the 2D4s. No classified results either.

Not being in Nairobi (like reporters of competitive journals) he (A.E.A.K.) gives no indication of the running troubles of the various cars. I find it difficult to see how a report can be made on one event when the reporter is 4,000 miles odd away on another!

Here’s hoping for a better report next year on this toughest of all rallies by an on the spot man, getting back to what the previous reports have been like.

Leytonstone. R. T. Jenkins.