Good Service


I feel that I must put pen to paper in praise of the VW agency for Kendal, Messrs. Parker & Parker.

In December 1974 I purchased from them a 1969 411L saloon to which they had fitted a new silencer. Although they had not tested the car they issued the standard VW 3,000 miles/3 months warranty.

On taking the car to London I found the braking lacking in power. When I told Parker & Parker this, they replaced the pads and adjusted the rear linings to give the required braking standard. I found later that starting was becoming a problem and the garage cured this with plugs, points and a tuning check. At the same time, the workshop foreman, a man of considerable experience, indicated that the offside CV joints were rumbling and would need replacing. This was done promptly and I drove the car to Portsmouth.

On arrival I detected the self-same rumbling sound corning from the near side CV joints. I then contacted Messrs. Pooles of Southsea who confirmed that they could do the job at once. On telephoning Parker & Parker they instructed Pooles to carry out the repair and send the bill to them.

On the return journey I noticed a heavy oil consumption which I reported to Parker & Parker, They took the car in and checked it over and decided to strip the engine down. A broken piston ring was found and all necessary parts were renewed and the engine re-assembled. During this repair I was loaned a Triumph 1300 so that I was not inconvenienced. On completion of this repair I drove the car to Scotland but en route was rewarded with an ignition warning and a flat battery. I stayed overnight in Ecclefechan and contacted Mr. Parker at his home. He instructed me to get the car to Carlisle which I did the following morning after having the battery boosted. The car was collected by Parker & Parker and taken to Kendal, a distance of 70 odd miles. Two days later a phone call told me that the car was ready for collection, the fault was a wiring problem.

For doing all the aforementioned work, for loaning me the Triumph and for collecting the car in Carlisle I was charged nothing at all. During the whole of what must have been for them a most trying period, Messrs. Parker & Parker were courteous, obliging and sincere in their approach.

Needless to say I have no connection with the firm except as a very satisfied customer. I only wish that other firms in the motor trade would follow their example and secure for themselves devoted, returning customers.

Dalton-In-Furness A. E. BATH