The Changing Scene


I was most interested to read Mr. Carson's letter referring to the demise of the vintage motoring years as he knew them but rather saddened by his interpretation of the changing scene. I couldn't agree more about the wretched Motor Dealers who blatantly inflate the price of sonic of the most banal mechanical offerings, as much as I deplore the "mugs" who pay their prices, Certainly the worst crimes committed ate those of "restorers" who obtain old classic taxi-cab type chassis, cut and shut them and build sporting replica bodies on them. Personally though I thoroughly enjoyed the article about the restoration of the old racing car and I have the greatest admiration for a man who has the determination to pursue the quest for mostly genuine components to reconstruct a fine piece of machinery. Whether one calls it restoration, rebuilding or reconstructing is immaterial, it certainly is not a replica in the sense that it is a copy and I think his efforts should be applauded. It will give him endless pleasure in years to come and countless other people who will enjoy the sight and sound of the car when it ventures forth.

It is a hard and irrefutable fact of life that all vintage and veteran cars are going to need sonic components replacing during their rebirth to a greater or lesser degree, but surely there is no need to deliberately recreate inferior metals and leatherwork in a pointless quest for "originality". One might as well say that all 1925 Bugattis must run on 192. quality motor oil.

As far as motoring museums are concerned to my certain knowledge the greater majority of cars displayed for the public to "gawk at" have had an enormous amount of very hard work put in on them to make them genuine and interesting and their respective curators, are far too responsible and knowledgeable to allow any gross errors to be perpetrated.

In conclusion "It is not necessary that the Traditions and Ceremonies he in all places one and utterly alike; for at all times they have been divers, and may be changed according to the diversities of countries. times, and man's manners..."

Lew Lnor, Oxon JOHN WARD