The Schlumpf Collection

Last month we described in some detail the cars in the Schlumpf Collection at Mulhouse. By courtesy of Hamlyns, who are publishing “The Schlumpf Obsession” for £5.95 in September, we are able to show a handful of the 400 and more cars on display. Above is a 1923 Type 32 Grand Prix Bugatti, one of the team of cars built for the French Grand Prix at Tours. It is a straight-eight 2-litre, unsupercharged, with the gearbox in unit with the rear axle. The all-enveloping bodywork was a very early attempt at streamlining in Grand Prix racing. The 1911 Bugatti BB is shown left: this original prototye built by Ettore Bugatti for the Peugeot company, to become the production “Baby” Peugeot, has a Bugatti radiator. Below left is a 1957 8-cylinder 2 1/2-liter Gordini, one of the last Grand Prix cars from the French Gordini factory. The 1918 Bugatti aero-engine, below, has two 8-cylinder blocks side-by-side.