Made in England


I read with interest Mr. Thorne’s letter in April’s Motor Sport.

I am pleased to say that my car proudly proclaims “Daimler, England” on its front. This car, a 1964 SP250, has given me 5 years of enjoyable motoring, open air in the Summer and with a hard top on in Winter. The GRP body is, of course, rust free, the chassis is substantial and causes no worry whilst no less an authority than W.B. in the May 1961 issue described the engine “extremely quiet and smooth which it is a delight to sit behind”.

Now 14 years and almost too,000 miles old I consider it an excellent example of what “Made in England” used to mean in terms of quality and workmanship.

Thank you for your most enjoyable magazine which makes the first of the month a day to look forward to.

Wickford, Essex G. E. OVERY