Your comments (February issue) and Dr. Elliot-Pyle's letter (March issue) regarding the Reliant Kitten are of interest and much in line with our experience in Seychelles. The local Avis Licensee, with whom we are associated, now operates 25 recreational type vehicles called Reef Cubs, which are based on a Kitten KD kit. The initial objective was to find a replacement for the Leyland Moke, now sourced from Australia and whose major deficiencies are rusting, no lockable boot and a high maintenance factor.

The Reef Cub is designed by ex-Reliant employee John Crosthwaite, who assembles the units in Lichfield. The body in fibreglass is both functional and aesthetic. The first vehicle was imported in July 1976 and they have all proved remarkably reliable. Fuel consumption is in the upper 40's despite mountainous roads and tyre life has averaged a 40% improvement on the Leyland Moke.

Mahe, Seychelles. M. C. KING-HARMAN