A Sports Briton


The photograph enclosed was found among my late grandfather’s effects and may be of Interest to your readers. Clearly the car shown is a Briton, but perhaps you can enlarge on the details of the model? By chance the photograph bears the date “June 1922”, the car appears to be new and could possibly have been photographed prior to being delivered to a customer, as I believe the driver was a motor-agent-cum-mechanic in the Braintree area, the number plate is obscured, but I would guess the index letters to be “NO”, confirming a local Registration.

Braintree C. E.PORTER

(Thank you, Mr. Porter, for telling me it is a Briton! This being the case, I think it must be a 9.8-h.p. model, which had an ohv 1,373 cc engine and worm final drive. What is more, this appears to be the rare sporting model Ed.)