Buy British



Buy British

Sir Michael Edwardes is absolutely right that in its hour of greatest need we should all be backing the British car industry and indeed British industry in general. How sad that his plea should be necessary at all

The truth is that we have become a rather lazy, selfish people, living beyond our means and almost .completely lacking in national pride.

The options open lout are, or should be. plain to see. Either we continue In indulge ourselves with imported goodies which we don’t as individuals deserve and can’t as a nation afford and so accelerate down the slippery slope inw industrial oblivion and poverty: or we pull ourselves together, each one ot as. determined to become more efficient at our iob and prepared to give a fair day’s work for a fair rate of pay. The right of freedom of choice is not automatic and must be earned.

In the meantime, we muSt keep the British ear industry alive by buying British — nothing will revive it if it dies — does anyone expect to see British motorcycles on our streets ever again? And is it such a hardship to buy British? V’e make the best luxury cars in the world. the best racing cars, and indeed Leyland still make the best range of cars of imy =nat.’ urer. Even comparing performances of our older models with the newcr foreign competition the differences are marginal.

Who wins most of the economy events?

Look at the old cars on the roads today, notice the almost complete absence of the imports — remember the song and dance about the Renault Dauphine on the tele? Not many years ago, was it? When did you last see one?

The sobering fact is that we could halt the flood of imports almost overnight. just by resolving that our next car must be British and being prepared to wait for it. Would it bc such a hardship?

And think of the spin-off benetits to British Steel, engineering in general, balance of payments, employment etc. etc.

Over 605/ use imports! How can we be such fools? Dronfield A. S. CORBEY