VSCC Light Car Weekend

We reported on this event of April 1/2 last month but the results were then unavailable. The Saturday driving tests were attempted by 57 drivers and there was only one retirement, that of James Diffey (1926 9/20 Humber). Seven competitors gained First Class Awards: — H Colledge (1929 A7), A Tongue (1929 Morris Minor), P Gledhill (1928 A7), Paula Thorpe (1929 A7), D Marsh (1927 A7 box saloon), T Hallam (1924 AC) and Rosie Shapland (1925 10/23 Talbot). Second Class Awards were won by R Marsh (1927 A7 saloon), H Hickling (1917 Dodge) who also took the Edwardian prize, M Bullett (1920 GN), P Morgan (1924 Humber 8/19), Jane Brereton (1927 A7) and M Croome (1904 8 hp Wolseley). Those who had to be content with Third Class Awards were: Dr W Sellers (1928 A7), D Roscoe (1913 Overland 69R), P Tebbett (1930 Mulliner A7), G Stanton (1924 Humber 8/18), D Woodburn (1925 Gwynne 8), P Baker (1922 Fiat 501), and T McEwen (1921 GN Vitesse).

On the Sunday 48 competitors tackled the trials' hills, which dry weather had made reasonably easy, although the "Llwynbarried hump" stopped some of the longer-wheelbase cars. Overall victory went to Peter Gledhill in his 1928 A7, as last year, and the Kate Hutchings Trophy was won by John Chloe (1930 A7). First Class Awards were won by Sue Hirst (1930 Morris Minor), J Musty (1927 A7 GE Cup-model), M Brereton (1927 A7), P Liouse (1927 A7), A Marsh (1925 A7), Dr N Bell (1928 A7) and D Roscoe (1913 Overland). Second Class Awards by P Gledhill (1928 A7), J Diffey (1926 Humber), P Bullett (1928 A7), D Wilkinson (A7), Paula Thorpe (1929 A7), J Fenton (1912 Buick 28) and P Spencer (1915 Buick C55). Third Class Awards by C Gordon (1929 A7), R Threlfall (1927 A7), Monica Gray (1925 A7), R Britcher (1925 Talbot 10/23), T Colledge (1929 A7), J Chloe (1930 A7) and V Lane (1915 Buick D45).

It was noticeable how the Edwardians did well in this trial but once again the Austin 7 proved to be the best bet for winning VSCC DT and trials awards.