VSCC Welsh Light Car Weekend

(March 30/31)

The results of this event were not available in time for last month's report but we now append them: Llwynbarried Trophy (best overall performance) C Piercy (Trojan). Edwardian Trophy: I Rendall (1911 Marion). Kate Hutchings Trophy: (best young driver): Miss C John (A7). Road Run: First Class Awards: A Thorpe (A7), Nondus Banning-Boddy (A7), P Diffey (A7), C Hancock (Humber) C Piercy (Trojan). Second Class Awards: P Clarke (A7), Sue Livesey (A7), Jane Woodburn (Gwynne). Third Class Awards: S Hurst (A7), D Marsh (A7)

Trial: First Class Awards: W Urry (Riley), Pat Stocken (Troian) P Glenhill (A7), G Moore (MG) Second Class Awards: Jane Bereton (A7), Chloe John (A7), Third Class Awards: G Winder (A7), W Sellers (A7), M Bullet (A7), S Hirst (A7)