Cosworth ferment


I must take issue with your description of the Escort Cosworth as a rotten apple (April). Yes, there is bad turbo lag and poor steering feel but! feel you have overlooked the point of the car.

What must be remembered is the raison d’être of the Escort; that is, to produce a car capable of winning world championship rallies. To do this, a minimum of 2500 road versions had to be sold. Launched at the worst possible time with regard to the insurance market and the Cosworth reputation, it followed the Sapphire Cosworth which was only successful because it was the fastest tax efficient four-door car. The demand for used Escorts compared to Sierras proves the Escort is the more desirable car.

For everyday use, reasonable servicing, British climate, practicality and head turning, the Escort Cossie makes the ideal performance car. Rotten apples may not taste nice but they make great cider.

I am, yours,Etc

Dave Thornton,London